Year-round Recreational Opportunities in Idaho

In Idaho, outdoor recreational opportunities abound all year long, which is why Bob Crawford loves living there. In particular, he enjoys the water and loves visiting Kelly’s Whitewater Park on the Payette River in Cascade, Idaho.

“Kayaking and rafting are very popular activities,” he says, and the Park has hosted two National Kayak Championships. Crawford prefers standup paddle boarding, and says the Park is garnering attention for that activity as well.BobCrawford_skateskiing Payette Lake

He also enjoys hiking, and the nearby Ponderosa State Park provides an easily-accessible trail system. Ponderosa is also his destination of choice for winter fun, like skate skiing, a cross-country skiing technique where the skier keeps the tips apart and the tails together, then pushing off the inside edge of alternating skis, much like ice skating.

And if there’s one thing you can count on if you own Potlatch property in Idaho, “there’s always going to be snow.”





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