What hunting property feature would make you more likely to buy?

We asked.  You answered!

PotlatchDeltic sponsored the July 2019 LANDTHINK Pulse and the results are in.  Are you surprised to find out that 39.5% of respondents would be inspired to purchase a hunting property with a year-round water feature in the form of a pond, stream, lake or river. Wondering what the next biggest factors were?  Click on through and have a read.

Many of our properties have exactly what these hunters are looking for!  What’s important to you?  Whether you’re looking for land in Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Minnesota or Mississippi, start with PotlatchDeltic recreational properties.  With properties from 20 to 200+ acres, we’re sure to have a property with all the features you’re looking for whether you’re buying for hunting, to make outdoor memories on your own land with family and friends or interested in a timberland investment.  The best thing?  When you buy land it can be all of those things!

So, contact a member of our Preferred Broker Network and start your land search today!

Pulse: Distinctive Water Feature Appeals to Buyers of Hunting Land

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