What do you plan to use your property for?

If you are a prospective land buyer, one of the first questions a broker will ask is ‘what purpose do you have in mind for your land?’ Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help guide your broker in the right direction:

  • Will it be a place to build a primary residence or second home?
  • Will it be used strictly as a place to camp or hunt?
  • Do you want water nearby for fishing or boating?
  • Will you use the timber or minerals on the property as a source of income?
  • Is your primary purpose to hold the land as an investment for the future?

Even if you’re only planning to use the land for hunting, fishing or some other recreation, there are some basic requirements you should look for.

  • Water availability nearby for recreation and scenery, such as lakes, rivers and streams, is always desirable. But having clean water available for drinking, bathing, washing, cooking, cleaning and bathroom facilities can be even more important.
  • Sewage and trash removal are certainly things to think about. For example, will your property allow for a septic system if you don’t have access to public utilities?
  • Electricity is another necessity that can be taken for granted when thinking about recreational property. It may cost you thousands of your own dollars to hook up electricity if you have to go through public land to get it.
  • Is there a facility nearby for solid waste disposal, or will your land offer access to collection service?

These major necessities for everyday living are things a recreational land buyer could overlook. So give them some serious thought.

Your first source of information can be a real estate professional who should have access to such sources as planning and zoning, community development and building departments. Also helpful can be neighbors, contractors, appraisers and a local surveyor.

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