What are the top deer hunting states? Consult the Almanac.

There are many different ways to rate states for their deer hunting opportunities, but one way is look at the number of deer that hunters are taking home.

We were wondering what these deer harvest statistics might look like, and we found a ranking of states based on deer harvests that’s included in the 2021 Deer Hunters Almanac. And we were pleased to see that three states where PotlatchDeltic sells recreational property – Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas – were in the top 10.

Certainly, the list doesn’t speak to a hunter’s chances of getting a trophy buck, but looking at the overall deer harvest in a certain area can help you determine how fruitful your hunts in that area might be.

PotlatchDeltic specializes in selling recreational land, with plenty of options for deer hunters who want a home base for their trips. Contact one of the experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network today to get started, so you’ll have your property in time for the 2021 deer seasons.

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