Water Skiers & Wakeboarders – Learn the Hand Signals

If you water ski or wakeboard, you know by now that once you’re underway, it’s very hard to communicate with the boat driver verbally over the noise of the motor.

What you may not know is there’s an entire set of common hand signals that experienced water skiers and wakeboarders use to communicate with the boat driver. These signals can make the experience more pleasant, and in some cases, may prevent a potentially risky situation.

As several examples of how the signals work, when you’re in the water, patting your head with your right hand means you want to go back to the dock, and holding your hands together over your head tells the boat driver that you’re okay.

In addition to learning the signals, it’s also important to remember several key safety tips. Make sure the tow rope is clear of the propeller or any other hazards before taking off. Check that the propeller is off before you get back into the boat. And head back to the dock for the day before daylight starts to fade.

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