Want a successful Spring Turkey Hunt? Plan ahead.

It isn’t too early to start planning for the spring turkey hunting season. And as hunters know, a turkey’s hearing and eyesight are so keen that you’d better have your act together if you hope to bag one.

A recent post on the Outdoor Alabama website offers some good tips as turkey hunters get ready for the spring. Among them:

  • Figure out your best hunting spots ahead of time, first in a vehicle and then on foot. Make a detailed map, and note terrain and other conditions.
  • Make sure your camouflage matches the foliage that you’ll have around you when you hunt.
  • As you work on your accuracy, make targets that approximate the size of a turkey’s head and neck – the critical spot to aim for.
  • When you head out for the hunt, bring a variety of calls. If one doesn’t work, another might.
  • Find a location where the turkeys have an easy route to you, so there shouldn’t be any creeks, gullies or steep hills. And of course, stillness is key, so be set up in a way where you won’t have to move much to be ready to shoot.

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