Tips for Staying Sharp on your Next Hunting Trip

Hunting is certainly a taxing, physical activity, and it takes stamina to be successful.Image result for brain, hunting

But what about the mental side of hunting? That is just as important, because it takes quick thinking and decision-making to make snap judgments when your target comes into view.

A post in Outdoor Life magazine offers some tips for staying sharp on your next hunting trip. And while some of the tips may seem obvious – get enough rest, plan ahead, know your equipment – there are less-obvious things that can be helpful.

Three examples:

  1. Don’t try to remember everything; use a notepad to jot down the critical information you will need on your trip.
  2. Don’t fiddle with your equipment when you don’t need to.
  3. And, consider taking well-timed naps to make up for those early mornings.

Another thing that can help is having your own property to hunt. Talk to a member of the Potlatch Preferred Network and have them help you find your perfect hunting spot.



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