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We get questions about the recreational, hunting and timberland properties we sell all the time, and one of the most popular questions is: Are there advantages to working with a real estate professional during my land search, and in particular, a Potlatch broker?

The simple answer?   Yes.

TLR 2013 Best Brokerage

Potlatch Brokers named America’s Best for 4th consecutive year! (See p. 70)

Here are the next 2 benefits benefits to working with a broker, in general, and a Potlatch Preferred Broker, specifically as they offer distinct advantages of their own.


#3 – Understanding the timber part of a purchase is important and requires special skills and experience.

A veteran recreational broker will either know about timber quality and values from personal experience, or will have relationships with experts who can provide this information quickly. Foresters and local real  estate professionals seamlessly blend their working knowledge, making the Potlatch team second to none on this point in the marketplace.

#4 – A recreational broker understands the market.

By being part of the Potlatch network, Potlatch Brokers exchange information and knowledge with each other, helping them as they assist buyers with such questions as: What lending options are there for recreational property in my area? How do I figure out if I can get utilities to a certain property?  Or, what impact might zoning regulations or CCRs have on a property I am looking at?

Ready to get started with a member of the Potlatch team in your neck of the woods?  Click here.

Wait for it!  The #1 benefit to working with a Potlatch Broker is coming soon…



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