STATE BY STATE: The view from Potlatch Brokers this Fall

MINNESOTA: Rod Osterloh

Osterloh believes that Northern Minnesota is best known for its cool, refreshing lakes and breezes through the pines. He has enjoyed this beauty himself, which calls many out of the humid summers of the Twin Cities every year.

And after the summer, the locals know that the best time of the year is coming. “The crisp, sunny fall days mean it’s time to join the dog for a little grouse hunting, do some fall camping, fish for the big Walleyes, scout for the right deer stand or just enjoy the brilliant colors,” Osterloh said.

It’s also a great time for people to scout out a piece of property for themselves. “It’s only natural for those of us who help people buy land to savor the fall season,” he said, “and to go out and get our boots on the ground.”  If you’re in the area – call Rod.


ARKANSAS: Pete Prutzman

As Treasurer of the Arkansas Forestry Association, Prutzman takes a strong interest in issues that affect landowners in his state. Tied to that involvement, he helps with a variety of fundraising efforts that also involve other members of the forestry community.

As an example, the “Log A Load For Kids” program started in 1993, and has spread to 28 states. Started by two loggers who wanted to make positive contributions to the community, the program has raised $3.3 million in Arkansas alone through events around the state. Nearly $30 million has been raised nationwide.

“Loggers can contribute the value of a load of logs in any amount,” Prutzman said. “It’s been great working with an organization that not only helps landowners, but also works to benefit the kids of Arkansas Children’s Hospital.”

Read more about the “Log A Load For Kids” program.  Those interested can also contact Pete for more information.

IDAHOBob Crawford

Non-profit and government organizations in Idaho continue to benefit from the Recreational Trails Program, which allocates funds for projects related to recreational trails.

Established in 1998, the federal program funds maintenance and restoration of existing trails and trail side facilities, along with purchase of maintenance equipment and construction of new trails.

“In the summer we start to see lots of hiking and mountain biking in our area, sometimes even horseback riding,” said Crawford, “and programs like this one support and encourage people to get outside and enjoy our beautiful outdoors.”

More information about this and other Idaho state programs can be found at the  State Parks & Rec website.

In the McCall area, the brokerage can provide plenty of ideas for recreation, including suggestions for excellent trails. Contact Crawford Olson directly for information that can help make a visit more memorable.

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