Spring Scouting…Invaluable Info for the next Hunting Season

Taking the time this spring to scout areas you’ll be hunting this fall and winter is invaluable. But what do you look for as you discover the spots where deer bed down and travel?

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Zach Ferenbaugh of The Hunting Public offers some excellent advice for your scouting trips on the WhitetailDNA website. Among his tips:

  • As you learn more about your favorite spots, take the time to also get the lay of the land for some new spots. You always want choices on where to hunt. 
  • Spring scouting is important, but it doesn’t replace the need to check out properties year-round.
  • When you find buck bedding, look for signs that will tell you what time of year the bedding spot is used, since that will vary.
  • Understanding the food sources for deer on a property is critical, especially in areas where options for food are scarce.
  • If you checked out a spot in the spring several years ago, that spot might not be the same now, so do your scouting every year. Such factors as hunting pressure and how trees are dropping acorns can change patterns of behavior dramatically.
  • Take your spring information and combine it with information gained in other seasons to decide where your favorite spots will be this fall and winter.

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