Picking a property you can use all year long

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Most recreational land buyers have some idea of how they’d like to use their property. Snow enthusiasts might want to snowmobile or Nordic ski. Fishermen hope to catch their limit, and ATV riders want to have access to trails.

Family CampingiStock_000003647935Small _BLP0028 IMG_2642Still, there may also be other activities you want to do on your land. So with that in mind, it’s important to ask some key questions as you start your property search.

“A lot of people buy land for hunting, but what would they like to do with it the rest of the time?” says Rod Osterloh, a Potlatch Preferred Broker in Minnesota who specializes in selling recreational property.

He suggests the following questions for buyers to ask as they start their search:

  • Is there a trail system already built on the property, or will I have to build one myself? This question is important for those who like to hike, ride horses or use off-road vehicles. “Typically, with Potlatch property there is a trail into and out of the area,” says Osterloh. “But there’s not always an already-built trail system.”
  • Where are the nearest snowmobile or ATV trails, and is there easy access?
  • Will I be able to run my snowmobile or 4-wheeler in ditches? Some townships and municipalities prohibit this.
  • Where is the nearest lake with public access? And are there any horsepower restrictions for boats there?

“We ask potential buyers how they plan to use the property,” Osterloh says. “What is important to them? Getting to know them is a big piece of the puzzle in helping them make the best possible property purchase, while ensuring they’ll enjoy their property throughout the year.”

No matter the season, Potlatch has beautiful recreational all-season properties in Arkansas, Idaho, Minnesota and Wisconsin. When you’re ready to get outdoors, start with a broker in your neck of the woods. They’ll lead you down the right trail.

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