At PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, we’re open for business while taking steps to keep everyone safe

At PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, protecting against COVID-19 (the coronavirus) is our top priority. What matters most right now is the safety of our team members and those who do business with us.

With this in mind, our land managers and PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker partners are focusing on minimizing person-to-person interaction as we continue to work with recreational land buyers. With the means and systems in place that allow our team to work remotely, we expect to continue to provide the same high level of service you’ve come to know. Fortunately, much can be accomplished while following the CDC’s safety guidelines.

Our Preferred Broker partners are making the cleanliness of their offices a priority, as we are in our corporate offices. And as we work with buyers, our goal is to help the process along while keeping everyone safe.

It helps that so much information about properties can be made available online. For example, a broker can send video and photos of a property of interest to a buyer for a virtual tour, then have the buyer check the land out in person, without broker and buyer ever seeing each other during the site visit.

If you are interested in looking at properties in the states where we do land sales – Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota or Mississippi – please contact us.  We’re here to work with you to help while making your comfort and safety a priority while keeping COVID-19 concerns top of mind.

We encourage everyone to take precautions in this challenging time, and urge anyone who has questions or concerns about doing business with PotlatchDeltic to call or email us.

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The Nation’s Best Areas for Turkey Hunting

If you’re a turkey hunter, it’s time to think about where you’re going to go on your spring excursions.

And as Jeff Budz and Tom “Doc” Weddle, two of the nation’s top turkey hunters, see it, you’d be smart to think about public lands. As Brian Lovett writes in a Field & Stream blog post, Budz and Weddle love wide-open spaces, offering opportunities to find spots that aren’t overcrowded with hunters.

According to these turkey experts, finding prize turkeys can sometimes be tough, especially with shrinking populations and more and more hunters.

So how do you succeed? Plan ahead, they say. Figure out the best spots to go ahead of time, and be sure you know the regulations of the area where you’re hunting.

The Field & Stream blog post names a number of states as the best in the country for turkey hunting. Included are Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Idaho, four states where PotlatchDeltic sells recreational properties through its Preferred Broker Network.

So if you want to find a spot within reach of quality public hunting land in one of these four states, contact one of our Preferred Brokers today so you can have a home base for your turkey hunting and all the other activities you enjoy outdoors.

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Hope to see you at Duluth Deer Classic this weekend!

COME VISIT US. Look forward to seeing you there!
Find us at Booth #855 in the Lake Superior Ballroom.

Find out more about featured and available PotlatchDeltic Premier Properties in Minnesota?  Click HERE.

 Find out more about the show?  Click HERE.

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Winter is a great (and fun!) time for a Site Visit!

Seeing a property in the winter can be great fun and you can learn a lot about it. ❄️❄️❄️  Read more about Winter Site Visits in this great article from one of our Preferred Brokers, Charlie Chernak with Bear Island Land Co., Inc.. – click to read the full article.

Charlie, like other members of the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network can help you through the site visit and buying process by answering your questions, helping you find the perfect property and so much more.

Looking at Property in the Winter Can Be Very Productive, but Plan Ahead

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Now’s the Time to Scout for Next Deer Season

A deer hunter’s work is never over, because for success, you need to know where the whitetails are hanging out in your neck of the woods.

The winter months are a great time to get out and scout your favorite hunting areas, knowing that deer’s migration patterns can change, as can the spots where they eat, drink and bed down.

With this in mind, a helpful Realtree blog post offers seven scouting tips for hunters getting ready to find a trophy buck next season. In short, the tips focus on finding those important food, water and bedding areas, while also spotting rubs and scrapes that offer clues to a buck’s travel routes.

Josh Honeycutt (Realtree blog author) with the buck he harvested during the 2017 season after spending much of the off-season preparing. (PHOTO CREDIT: Marty Honeycutt)

Shed hunting is also an extremely helpful activity. It’s important to start your search as soon as you know deer in your area are shedding, because coyotes, squirrels and other animals value the antlers for vitamins and minerals.

It also helps to have trail cameras out at food and water spots, which will help you inventory the deer in the area while learning their patterns.

Of course, if you own a hunting tract, it’s easier to take the steps that will lead to better hunting, whether it’s putting up trail cameras or planting food plots.

And if you’ve decided it’s time to buy your own recreational land, a good place to start is one of the experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker network. Contact one of our broker members today to find a property that will provide excellent hunting options in a few months.

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REITs – why does that matter to a recreational land buyer?

In learning about PotlatchDeltic, you might have seen that the company is a real estate investment trust, or REIT. So, what is a REIT, and why does that matter to you as a recreational land buyer?

A REIT is a company that owns, operates or finances income-producing real estate. PotlatchDeltic is a timber REIT, owning nearly 2 million acres of timberlands in Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota and Mississippi, and a small percentage of select acreage is available for sale. In a 2019 ranking of the top timberland owners in North America, PotlatchDeltic was ranked No. 5.

As a story on the SeekingAlpha website describes, “timber REITs are among the leaders in sustainable foresting, with all four timberland REITs having 100% of their land third-party certified as sustainable either by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) or the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).”

In fact, timber REITs generally plant significantly more trees in a given year than they harvest, the story says.

This commitment to sustainable practices, tied to having a wide range of properties for sale, is a good equation for recreational land buyers looking for a property that’s been well taken care of by a company like PotlatchDeltic with deep forestry and real estate experience.

If you’d like to start your recreational land search, start with PotlatchDeltic.  Contact us today!

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Plan to build on your property? Four things to consider.

Recreational property buyers often want to someday build on the land, whether it’s going to be a primary home, a hunting cabin or a storage shed.

But no matter what kind of structure you’re planning to build, the time to think about it is before you buy, because you’ll want to be sure the property you purchase is a good fit for that use.

Ben Ballard of PotlatchDeltic sees all kinds of uses by the buyers at Sportsman’s Estates, a rural residential PotlatchDeltic community southeast of St. Maries, Idaho. One buyer, a commercial fisherman, is building a structure that will serve as a shop, storage space and cabin. Others are camping on their properties for now, with plans to build cabins in the future.

“Buying property and building later can make a lot of sense,” Ben says. “You spread out your costs over time while you create the property you really desire. And as you spend time in the area, you determine what type of structure will best fit your needs in terms of sleeping capacity, storage needs, you name it.”

So to plan ahead, here are four things that Ben suggests buyers consider if they think they want to build on their recreational property someday:

1 > Make sure the property has good road access, and easy access to power.
Roads should be in good shape, and power should be available within a reasonable distance. This is an advantage of buying in a developed rural community like Sportsman’s Estates, or others that PotlatchDeltic has for sale, like Tie Creek near Orofino, Idaho and Living on the Edge in Ely, Minnesota.

2 > Get an idea of what will be required to get water on the site.
Rural real estate brokers like the experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network should be able to get you well reports for nearby properties, so you can get an idea of well depths in the area. This is also a good way to find out who the well contractors are in your area.

3 > Decide whether you want to live in an area with CC&Rs.
Some rural buyers like to be in a community with covenants, conditions & restrictions (CC&Rs), which may regulate anything from the types of structures allowed to whether you’re able to keep non-functioning cars and trucks on the property. Pros: These regulations can ensure that your neighbors don’t do something with their property that is out of character with the area. Cons: You may not want any sort of use restrictions on your property.

One thing to consider as you decide about CC&Rs is the size of the parcels in the community. If you have a larger parcel and can’t see your neighbors, it may not matter to you what they do with their property. Some PotlatchDeltic rural communities, like Tie Creek, have CC&Rs, while others, like Sportsman’s Estates, don’t.

4 >  Consider what there is to do in the surrounding area, which ties to whether you’ll want to spend a significant amount of time on the property.
Sportsman’s Estates, for example, is within easy reach of a wealth of recreational opportunities. This area of north Idaho has the St. Maries River and St. Joe River for such activities as fishing, kayaking, rafting and canoeing. It’s close to thousands of acres of public land for hunting. And it’s only an hour from the shops and restaurants in the quaint town of Coeur d’Alene.

“What’s the point of buying a property and building a cabin on it if you don’t want to spend a lot of time there?” Ben says. “At PotlatchDeltic, we focus on selling properties that are close to tons of things to do, both for kids and adults. It’s such a joy to sell a piece of property and to hear how the buyer’s family is enjoying it.”

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Happy Holidays from all of us at PotlatchDeltic!

We wish you the merriest of holidays and
happiest of new years!

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Have yourself a merry read of our latest newsletter!

It’s a time of year for wishes to come true, and if owning your own recreational property is on your list, we invite you to read our latest newsletter issue! It’s chock-full of interesting tidbits…

  • Planning to build on your property after you buy it?  Read about the things you should consider before you buy.
  • Ever wondered what a REIT is?  Find out in this issue.
  • Don’t miss this season’s Property Showcase to see some amazing land-buying opportunities.  Prefer to watch the video?  Click here.

All this and more… don’t miss a single tidbit!  You’ll find all these great articles in this issue of The Property Perspective – ONLINE or PDF (to read, just click on your preferred viewing format).

We invite you to preview PotlatchDeltic’s premier property inventory in Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Minnesota or Mississippi.

We’re here when you’re ready to take that next step. Have questions or not sure how to get started? Send us an email.

Merry, merry and happy hunting!

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Must-have Items to Keep in your Vehicle this Winter!

As the weather turns colder around the country, it’s a good time to review what you have in your vehicle for your winter adventures, especially if you live in a Northern state.

Whether you’re going hunting, taking a cross-country skiing trip, or just embarking on a hike deep in the woods, it’s important to be able to get home if you have vehicle trouble or if the weather quickly turns nasty.

With this in mind, the website offers a list of 11 must-haves for your peace of mind, ranging from more obvious items, like tire chains and jumper cables, to things you might not have thought about, like a battery jump starter box and a tool bag with an assortment of wrenches.

As you start planning your next outdoor adventure, it’s a good time to think about getting a home base of your own. The recreational real estate experts in PotlatchDeltic’s Preferred Broker Network are well-versed in finding you a property that can be used for anything from a hunting camp to a well-appointed cabin. Give one of our Preferred Brokers a call today to start your property search.


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