Campfire Burn Ban announced on Idaho Properties

SPOKANE, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE, 7/28/20)– PotlatchDeltic Corporation announced effective Thursday, July 30, 2020, that no campfires or open burning will be allowed on its properties in the State of Idaho due to increasing fire danger in the region. The burning ban on PotlatchDeltic’s Idaho properties will remain in effect until conditions improve. Additional information about PotlatchDeltic’s Idaho properties can be found online at PotlatchDeltic urges all visitors to Idaho’s forests to exercise extreme caution in regards to fire while recreating this summer.

No matter where you’re outdoors this summer, please be careful in this heat and these weather conditions.  Interested in some safety tips?  Please read our blog or visit our Resource Library for more helpful information.

To read the full press release or visit the PotlatchDeltic Corporation website, click here.


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Happy Independence Day!

All of us at PotlatchDeltic wish you and yours a Happy 4th of July!

Our offices will be closed Friday 7/3/20 in observance of the holiday.
Please visit with us online or try us again on Monday, July 6th.   Thank you!
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PotlatchDeltic Announces Agreement to Sell 72,000 acres in Minnesota to The Conservation Fund

SPOKANE, Wash. –(BUSINESS WIRE, 6/21/20)– PotlatchDeltic Corporation (NASDAQ: PCH) today announced an agreement to sell approximately 72,000 acres in Minnesota to The Conservation Fund for approximately $48 million in cash. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close in the second half of 2020.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: Business Wire

“Tamarak Reflections” (Photo by Sparky Stensaas)

“This transaction represents a significant milestone in our long-term strategy to maximize shareholder value through rural real estate sales,” said Mike Covey , chairman and chief executive officer of PotlatchDeltic . “Proceeds from this transaction will further enhance our already strong liquidity position and flexibility. Our Minnesota ownership was approximately 330,000 acres when we began our rural land sale program over a dozen years ago. The timberlands that we currently own in Minnesota are heavily weighted to more remote areas, ideal for conservation and working forest protection. Nearly all of our ownership in the state is now under contract with a series of closings scheduled to occur through 2022.”

“The Minnesota’s Heritage Forest acquisition will be one of the largest land conservation efforts in Minnesota in recent history. Our goal is to ensure the 72,000 acres remain forested and sustainably managed as working timberlands,” said Larry Selzer , President and CEO of The Conservation Fund . “Our purchase and the ultimate protection of the PotlatchDeltic land will support northern Minnesota’s long tradition of timber production and outdoor recreation by preserving working forestlands and safeguarding jobs, while also protecting water quality and wildlife habitat, helping mitigate climate change, and contributing to local economies.”

This outcome is a culmination of long-standing work The Conservation Fund and PotlatchDeltic have been able to complete together to achieve conservation and economic goals. With this transaction and others underway, this partnership has been the catalyst to conserve more than 200,000 acres in the State of Minnesota for various conservation purposes, including working forests, protection of important habitats and public access. The Conservation Fund’s purchase will be made possible through its Working Forest Fund®, dedicated to protecting large, ecologically and economically important forestlands from subdivision and fragmentation, allowing time for permanent conservation solutions to be developed and implemented with local partners that strengthen rural economies and conserve natural ecosystems.

The PotlatchDeltic lumber mill in Bemidji will continue to operate successfully, as it has for nearly 30 years. The property being sold to The Conservation Fund as a working forest will continue to supply logs to these markets and provide for the protection of the essential jobs required to deliver and process the trees.

About The Conservation Fund
At The Conservation Fund , we make conservation work for America. By creating solutions that make environmental and economic sense, we are redefining conservation to demonstrate its essential role in our future prosperity. Top-ranked for efficiency and effectiveness, we have worked in all 50 states since 1985 to protect more than eight million acres of land, including more than 311,000 acres in Minnesota . More information can be found at and .

About PotlatchDeltic
PotlatchDeltic (NASDAQ:PCH) is a leading Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that owns approximately 1.8 million acres of timberlands in Alabama , Arkansas , Idaho , Louisiana , Minnesota and Mississippi . Through its taxable REIT subsidiary, the company also operates six sawmills, an industrial-grade plywood mill, a residential and commercial real estate development business and a rural timberland sales program. PotlatchDeltic , a leader in sustainable forest practices, is dedicated to long-term stewardship and sustainable management of its timber resources. More information can be found at .

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Hunting Advantages from Owning Your Own Property

It’s no secret that successful deer hunting isn’t easy, requiring a combination of intelligence, practice and patience.

As examples of the difficulties involved in the sport, consider some of the challenges for deer hunters in the Southeast, writes Realtree pro staffer Michael Pitts in’s “Brow Tines and Backstrap” blog.

Southeastern deer are constantly on high alert. Swirling winds can give you away in an instant. And for hunters who are members of the Southeast’s many hunting clubs, it’s often no secret where bucks are coming through or stopping for food or water.

(Pioneer Press: Dave Orrick)

That doesn’t mean hunting in the Southeast or elsewhere around the country is impossible, though. It just takes careful planning, something hunters should strive to do in the off-season anyway.

At PotlatchDeltic, we know that having a home base for your hunting trips can give you an advantage over hunters who only come into the area during deer season. By having your own land to hunt on, you can have acreage that isn’t crowded. You can select prime locations for deer stands. And you can make the property more attractive for wildlife over time by planting food plots.

For recreational land owners, the advantages don’t stop within the confines of their property, though. With a place of your own, you can become an expert on the habits of wildlife in the surrounding area. It’s such an advantage when you already know where deer are bedding down and where they are going for food and water.

With summer around the corner, it’s a great time to start thinking about having your own recreational property for next fall and winter. Contact one of the recreational land sales experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network today!

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Buying Recreational Property in the time of COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to complicate everyday life around Mississippi and the nation, people looking to buy a recreational property might wonder if they can safely go through the process right now.

Fortunately, the answer is yes, because the sale of a recreational property is not a “high touch” process. Unlike buying a home, where you will want to tour the inside of the home, it’s possible to tour a recreational property without getting anywhere near another person.

Click to read more from Tom Smith of Tom Smith Land & Homes, one of our Mississippi Preferred Brokers.   He offers great advice about how to move forward with your land purchase and realize your recreational distancing dreams!  When you’re ready to find out more, contact Tom or any member of our Preferred Broker Network.  Each an experienced land and recreational expert in their respective neck of the woods and each ready to work with you on finding your perfect recreational getaway!!



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10 Tips for taking Non-Stressful Hikes with the Kids

If you have young kids, you might know the looks and the sighs you get when you suggest a family hike in the woods.

But a hike with your kids doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. The website has some great tips for the next time you want to get the kids out of the cabin.

Pick an interesting route that’s a reasonable distance, with plenty of natural features. Hiking with kids should be about exploring, after all. And if the kids feel less pressure to go a certain distance, giving them time to check out streams, large trees and waterfalls, they might just relax and have fun.

Some other helpful tips: Have the kids dress in layers. Pack a kit with supplies and energy snacks. Rotate the group’s leader, so each hiker gets to take a turn in setting the pace. And do whatever you can to keep things positive, even if some of the hikers start to complain.

Making a hike a regular part of your family routine when you are out in the woods will make it seem like less of a chore. And who knows, your kids might actually start to look forward to it!

PotlatchDeltic sells recreational properties with a wealth of trails, and many are near public land that offers even more hiking opportunities. Contact one of the experts in our Preferred Broker Network to get your own home base for summer fun!


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Buying a Property in the Spring and Early Summer Makes Sense

When is the best time to buy a recreational property? As with most questions related to real estate, the answer for each buyer is different.

There are tons of advantages to buying in the spring and early summer. Here are five things to consider as you determine the timing for your purchase:

  1. Buying now gives you plenty of time to have your property ready for the fall. No matter what you enjoy doing – hunting, camping, riding an ATV, hiking – fall is simply one of the best times of year to be outside in the woods.
  2. It makes sense to tour properties when the weather’s nice. By making your choice now, you don’t have to worry about snow or freezing temperatures, making it easier to spend an hour or two walking a property. And you want to have sufficient time to walk the property so you can see all of its features.
  3. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues into the summer, it’s a good time to “recreationally distance.” With kids out of school and limited in-person recreational opportunities available, making memories by camping, hiking and doing other activities in the woods makes more sense than ever.
  4. If you want to make improvements to a property before the fall, you need time to make a plan and execute it. Whether you want to do some selective clearing, plant food plots or put in some trails, owning a property now gives you time to make the property even more appealing to wildlife – and to your family.
  5. If you are thinking of buying a property and doing a hunting lease, you’ll need to buy now so you can have a lease in place by the fall. Many recreational property owners like to earn income from hunting leases, so timing is everything.

So why wait? Contact one of the recreational land sales experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network to start your property search, so you can have a home base of your own this fall.

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How the COVID19 Pandemic is Impacting Recreational Land Sales

Even during the pandemic, we’ve seen interest from potential buyers remain steady, though sales could slow if the impacts of the pandemic persist for a long period. At the same time, we currently expect the potential for sales to rebound in the summer and fall, depending of course on when the nation’s economy is able to open back up.

Learn more about the impact and what we’re seeing by reading the full article by Bill DeReu, Vice President of Real Estate for PotlatchDeltic at LandThink or click below.


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Buying a Recreational Getaway with COVID Safety in mind

If you’re looking to buy a recreational property, you might be wondering if you can safely go through the process as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Fortunately, the answer is yes! Buying a recreational property is not a “high touch” process, because unlike touring a home, you can tour a rural tract without getting near another person.

With this in mind, here are five things to consider if you’re thinking of buying a recreational property now:

  1. Use technology to learn about a property before you set foot on it.  We can show a property with property photos, drone videos, and mapping, so you can narrow your choices without stepping foot on any of the properties you’re initially considering.

    Listing example with video, photos & more available online from PotlatchDeltic Real Estate. 

  2. Meet your sales agent outdoors or via video conference. Many real estate sales offices may have limited hours, have restricted visitors or may have closed for now, so make an appointment outdoors or through a videoconferencing tool like Zoom or Facetime.
  3. When it’s time for an in-person tour, you can make arrangements to do it by yourself.  In areas with cell phone reception, walk the property while talking to your agent, by video-chat if possible. If that isn’t feasible, do a walking tour, take notes and talk to the agent afterwards.
  4. Don’t be concerned about whether a sale will close, because closings continue to occur. Title companies are increasingly using electronic signatures, and even if trading paperwork is a necessity, it can be done in a way that’s safe for all involved.
  5. Remember that rural property has tended to be less volatile than the stock market over time. We’re seeing more interest from buyers looking for a different option for investments. Rural land values have tended to stay steady even when the stock market has gone through gyrations.

Soon, summer will be turning into fall, a great time to be outdoors. So if you want a getaway for all of your own for outdoor activities, it’s good to start your property search now. Contact one of the experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network today!

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Campsites in selected areas of North Idaho now available!

Our auction of campsite leases last month was a huge success, and we still have 25+ great campsites available in Latah, Clearwater and Shoshone Counties in North Idaho.

Why lease?? 

  • You can guarantee your campsite NOW. No need to make plans only to find out your campsite site is already taken when you get there!
  • Been thinking about buying your own property, but you’re either not ready or don’t know where you want to buy? No problem!  Lease a campsite to enjoy for the summer and fall, get to know the area and view properties we have for sale in the area. Go to to see our current Idaho listings.   
  • Each campsite is exclusively leased to the leaseholder for the entire season, starting now through December 10, 2020. 
  • Want to enjoy your campsite throughout the season and lock up your camping equipment on site?  No problem!

Check out one of the available campsites!



Visit our website and lease your 2020 campsite for the posted “buy it now” price today!

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