Out in the field with Rick Musick

Just goes to show…you learn that everyone sees things differently.

Rick MusickRick Musick
United Country – Musick & Sons
Grangeville, Idaho 

Over the years, Musick has learned that his clients’ definitions of “remote property” can vary greatly.  “I know a client doesn’t really want remote property when we venture a few miles outside the city and a couple miles off paved roads and the client turns to look at me with big eyes,” he says.

Musick says while some clients gravitate toward one idea of remote – “if you can see smoke from a neighbor’s chimney it’s too crowded” – others prefer to have their neighbors, paved roads and available amenities a bit closer.

He’s also found that people have varying definitions of “garden” and “ranch.” Some folks may just want space to put in a few raised beds, while others want acres to plow and plant. Ranch can mean anything from room for a horse to room for a few dozen head of cattle. “It’s all part of a broker’s job to help customers define what they need by asking the right questions,” says Musick.

And the customers who were dismayed when they ventured off paved roads?

Musick chuckles. “We just found another a less ‘remote’ piece of property for them to look at,” he says.


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