Out in the field with Pete Prutzman

Just goes to show…you never know what will happen.

Here, in our brokers’ words, an interesting site inspection tale:

Pete Prutzman

Pete Prutzman, Kingwood Forestry Services, Inc.
Arkadelphia, Arkansas

Sometimes having a cool head comes in handy when the unexpected happens on a site visit.

“Many of the properties we list are remote and accessed by unimproved roads,” Prutzman says. “We often conduct sales where buyers submit sealed bids that are opened at a specified time. In order for prospective buyers to access a remote tract prior to bid opening, we sometimes host ‘show me’ tours.”

About 15 years ago, they hosted a tour of several tracts. The group squeezed into two pickup trucks.   About a mile into the two-mile journey, things got interesting. “Our road was blocked by an angry neighbor and his friends. He informed us that the seller (our client) could not use this road and that we were trespassing.”

Prutzman had a brief discussion with the neighbor, then gathered the tour group and retreated. “No shots were fired but we didn’t reschedule the tour,” he says. “It taught us to verify what our client told us was legal access.”

While they never sold that particular property, they did later sell other properties to at least two members of the tour group. He says, “One complimented me several times about how the ‘encounter’ was handled; glad that no one was hurt, and cooler heads prevailed.”

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