My best site visit, with Natalie Cowart

For Cowart, the best type of site visit is one that includes 4-wheelers, families, and beautiful fall days.

“There are so many young people who haven’t had the opportunity to 4-wheel, much less get out into the trails that the hunting recreational parcels have,” she says. “It’s great to see their expressions as we drive through hillsides, dense woods, over trees in the path, going through wet areas and seeing the wildlife.” 

Cowart counts it as a privilege to show off the beauty of the Minnesota backwoods to families looking for their own piece of country quiet. “It’s fulfilling to me to know that the buyers have been given a great tour and view of the potential purchase,” she says.

“Whether it’s walking or 4-wheeling through the woods – fall is my favorite season to show what being up north is all about!”

67 Arrowhead Lane | Moose Lake, MN 55767

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