Now is the Time to Get Ready for Deer Season

It’s still hot as heck everywhere, it seems, but before you know it, deer season will be here. And with the season almost upon us, it makes sense to make preparations now.

Realtree offers a solid, wide-ranging list of 15 tips on its website to keep in mind as you get ready. Among them:

  • “Sighting in” is a no-brainer to help make sure you’ll be accurate when the key moment arrives. This is well worth a few minutes, giving you confidence that you won’t miss the shot.
  • Go through your hunting clothes now, focusing on having breathable layers that allow you to add or take off layers. And as it gets colder, don’t forget having something to cover your neck – hunters usually think of a good coat and a hat, but some don’t think about what’s in between.
  • Mark the route to your favorite deer stand ahead of time, knowing that you’ll be going there in the dark so you can be ready at first light. And setting that deer stand location should be tied to understanding where wildlife will be hiding (such as in thickets or bedding areas).
  • On opening day, plan to get up a half-hour earlier than you think you need to. This will give you time to adjust to unforeseen challenges, and less stress in the morning will make the whole day more enjoyable.
  • Establish your standards for what constitutes success ahead of time by determining what you’ll be happy with that first day. Are you ok with taking an antlerless deer? Or a relatively small buck? Having reasonable expectations is another key to a satisfying hunt.

As summer quickly moves towards fall, there’s plenty of time to think about owning your own hunting property this year. The recreational property experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network can help you find the perfect property for you…call one today and get the process started.


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