National Forests Product Week 2014

Paper and wood products allow us to communicate, teach, and learn. They provide us shelter and energy, and they package and deliver our food, medicine, and manufactured goods. And whether it is a paper containing the Gettysburg Address or a child’s crayon masterpiece, these products capture life’s memorable moments across generations. During National Forest Products Week, we celebrate the many uses of our natural bounty, and we renew our commitment to protect our forests and ensure these resources endure.

For the complete Presidential Proclamation, click here. wood products

Potlatch Corporation is a verified leader in sustainable forestry. With approximately 1.4 million acres, we grow trees, sell timber and manufacture solid wood products and support the outdoor lifestyle through the lease and sale of hunting and recreational land.   Since 1903 we have sought the common ground that enables us to unlock the value of our lands while conserving our forest for generations to come.  For more information, visit us at




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