Tom Smith

Tom Smith of Tom Smith Land and Homes is known as “The Land Man” for a very good reason– he’s the only local real estate professional who focuses solely on the land market.  He and his 22-member team, serve the needs of buyers, investors and sellers throughout Mississippi.

Tom had spent many years climbing the corporate ladder, including 15 years with Wal-Mart, where he rose to the rank of Vice President of Operations. He lived in 11 different states and traveled the world, but after 27 years in corporate America what he wanted most was to come home.

Home for him is Mississippi. “I was born and raised in Meridian,” he said. “As a kid I hunted and fished. I was always outside.”

Still an avid outdoorsman, Tom wanted to live and work in a place that would offer him plenty of opportunities to pursue his hobbies. For him, Mississippi has it all. “We have amazing deer and duck hunting as well as terrific bass fishing,” said Tom. “Best of all nothing freezes over here, so I can fish all year round!”

It’s also a great place to raise a family, and Tom, his wife Ellen, and their two daughters, Kathleen and Samantha, spend many happy hours boating on Lake Caroline.

In 2002, he launched Tom Smith Land and Homes and quickly found his niche. “No one was really focusing on land,” he said.

Business has grown by leaps and bounds and Tom is delighted to be a Potlatch Preferred Broker. “Potlatch land has been superiorly managed over time making it an above-average investment.”

As an Accredited Land Consultant, Tom provides specialized knowledge to his clients. “I don’t just sell you land,” he said. “I can offer advice on how to design, develop and maintain it.”

He doesn’t miss his days in corporate America a bit because he’s found he’s true calling.

“I have a passion for what I do,” he said. “I don’t have to go to work– I get to go to work!”


For more information about Tom Smith Land & Homes or its Potlatch land listings

61 Cressigimg0cent Blvd., Suite 103| Ridgeland, MS 39157 | Phone: 601-898-2772

Website: www.tomsmithland.com | Email: tom@tomsmithland.com

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