LAND BUYING TIPS: Have a list. Check it twice!

The holidays may be over and you think your wish list is complete.  But maybe not!  tip6-santa-listAnd, there’s never a better time then when you’re land shopping to have a list and check it twice!

In fact, we know the task can seem a bit overwhelming as you start looking for the recreational property that’s right for you.  So think about starting with a checklist of items you want to keep in mind as you do your search.

Some of the points are obvious – such as figuring out where you want your property to be and how large a tract you are seeking.

But there are also plenty of other questions to answer. For example, be sure a property has what you’re looking for. Here’s a few more to consider:

  • If you’re a hunter, are there good places for food plots?
  • You want to fish? Be sure there’s a stream or pond.
  • If you’re a camper, you may want clearings that are suitable for campsites.
  • You may also want to find out if there is a hunting lease in place; if so, be sure to get a copy for review.
  • Determine how you intend to pay for the property if it isn’t going to be a cash deal.
  • And double-check easements and other legal details about the property, so you don’t have a surprise later.

The brokers in Potlatch’s Preferred Network are experts in most everything involved in a recreational property sale, and they have more complete checklists to help guide your land search. As you are looking at property, they can answer a wide range of questions for you, so be sure they are #1 on your list!

Look for next week’s article, “Why do you need Title Insurance when you buy Property?” and be sure to check out our Resource Library for more buying tips and lots so much more!

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