Is land a good financial investment?

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It’s a question many land buyers ask: Will my property prove to be a good financial investment?

Of course, no one has a crystal ball that will predict the future, particularly when it comes to timber and real estate values. But as a hard, tangible asset, land certainly can have advantages as an investment.

John Evans, a Florida real estate professional who specializes in sales of agricultural and recreational property, has written an item on that offers some thoughts on this topic.

Among his main points:

  • He is seeing more interest from people who want to buy rural property as an investment, partly due to continuing concerns about the instability of the economy and financial markets.
  • Buying property gives buyers the ability to enjoy their investment, rather than having all their money tied up in intangible investments.
  • With a wider variety of people pursuing a “getaway” with recreational features, he is seeing all types of professionals buying rural property.
  • Many buyers are looking at a land purchase as a way to hedge against inflation, and/or to look for an investment that may offer stability.

To read the full article, click here.

And talk to a Potlatch Preferred Broker about values of properties you are interested in, both from the timber and real estate perspectives. They can offer historical data and information about the market that can be helpful as you make your buying decision.

Excerpted from Potlatch’s Summer 2013 Newsletter

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