How will you use YOUR recreational property?

When you’re looking for recreational property, it’s important that you think about how you are going to use it. Are you going to hunt? Will you be bringing the kids regularly? Do you plan to build a second home on the property?

“There are so many choices in properties, you want to focus on finding a place where the property matches your interests,” says Ed Patrias, Potlatch’s Real Estate Manager for the Minnesota region.

With that in mind, here are some things to think about related to three potential uses for a recreational property:


  • Proximity to water and to food sources is essential for quality wildlife.
  • Consider the neighbors. Do you adjoin public land, which could dramatically increase your hunting options? And if not, are you next to owners who practice responsible land management?
  • What types of wildlife are you interested in hunting? A good broker, and/or your state government’s experts on natural resources, can identify geographic areas that match what you’re looking for.

Father Son Turkey Hunt_Spring 2013Bringing the Kids

  • If you plan to hunt, and the kids are interested in hunting, that’s terrific. But if not, you should think about other things for them to do.   If you don’t have opportunities for recreation on site, think about whether there are areas nearby, such as ski areas, bike trails or a lake or river.  Family CampingMany families enjoy four-wheeling together, and it can done safely. If that’s of interest, think about the possibility of creating trails on the property.


Building a Second Home

First, make sure the local governmental entity would grant a building permit for the property. (That isn’t always the case.).  Also, see if power and other utilities are available, and what’s involved in bringing them to a building site.  And, in locations that have heavy snowfall in the winter, figure out what snow-plowing access roads will involve.

A Potlatch Preferred Broker can help guide you through this thought process, matching you with the recreational property that is the best fit for you.  Contact one today!

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