Fish tales start with these how-to-tips!

Fishing is something anyone at any age can do, just about anywhere there’s water, and of course fish!

There’s nothing sweeter than that moment when you’ve got a fish hooked. It breaks the surface and by now, your adrenaline is pumping.  You work hard to reel it in, giving you one of the most rewarding moments you can have in the outdoors. 

And every fisherman wants to know how to make that happen. With that in mind, here are nine tips that might not land you a fish of legends, but can help you be ready this spring:

  1. Use smaller lures in the spring. As the weather warms up, fish are often sluggish, which makes a smaller lure with a patient approach the best strategy.
  1. Make sure your hooks are sharp. Many anglers don’t pay attention to this, and sharp hooks catch more fish. There are a number of quality hook sharpeners on the market.
  1. Sunny, shallow spots are warmer, attracting fish. Especially in northern, colder climates, fish will move towards the warmer spots of a lake in the spring.
  1. Replace your line. Don’t assume your line is ready to go; after being in storage, it can easily get brittle, which would make it more prone to snap.
  1. Consider fishing late in the day. The water warms up as the day goes along, which means a late afternoon trip might be more productive than an early morning trip.
  1. Get your tackle box organized. Now is the time to get everything in order in your tackle box, and you may find you are missing an important item you thought you had.
  1. Take trips to find new fishing spots. Search online, ask the locals and drive around the area, all to give you more options for your spring and summer fishing expeditions.
  1. Try something new with your equipment, too. Since the action is often slower in the spring, it’s a good time to try out new lures or new techniques, giving you more options when the summer arrives.
  1. Check to see if any regulations have changed. Such rules as limits and licensing regulations can change, so make sure you are up to date.

As you think about your upcoming fishing trips, wouldn’t it be nice to own a recreational property within easy reach of your favorite spots?

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Also, three good online resources for fishing tips are the, and websites. And for a kick, check out this compilation of funny fishing videos, with folks falling into the water! Be careful out there and have fun!!

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