Farming for the right agricultural property??

Buying rural property may seem like a challenging task.  Indeed, there are many questions you will need to answer to make the right choice to fit your needs.  For buyers interested in buying land for agricultural use, we’ve asked some questions and provided some answers related to finding the right property:

What are some key things to think about if you are planning to buy agricultural land?LBG Ag Ranch Brochure
First, understand your needs for acreage, soils, irrigation and what ratio you want of tillable land to pastureland. What kind of farming or ranching do you plan to do? How many acres do you want? And are there specific needs, like irrigation, open water or specific soils?

Then, think about whether you want to use the property for hunting or other types of recreation. If you want to use it for hunting, consider what game is desired, what upland/wetland ratio is needed and whether open water is required for waterfowl.

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