Dress for a Successful Summer Boating Season

…and other Summer Boating Safety Tips

  Making safety look easy…Chad Sharpe at work!

You could say that Chad Sharpe is a pro wakeboarding rock star … in fact, he is a sponsored wakeboarder for Rockstar Energy Drink!  But while Sharpe is known for doing some crazy stunts (check out a few here), he isn’t crazy enough to go without a life jacket – he even has it on under his shirt!

And as you head outdoors this summer on lakes and rivers in areas where we sell recreational real estate, we encourage you and everyone on your boat to wear a life jacket – always. Think you don’t need to? Click here, listen to Sharpe and think again.

Wearing a life jacket, so you can be ready for the unexpected, is one of five main tips offered in the Minnesota Boating Guide. Here are the others:

  • Get a clue. Take a safety course. Stay seated in the boat. Pay attention to other boats and what’s around you. And don’t take chances.
  • Be weather aware. If weather is threatening, don’t take a chance. Get to shore.
  • Stay sober. Drinking and driving a boat can lead to major problems. In fact, alcohol is the No. 1 factor in boating fatalities.
  • Tell a friend. If you are boating alone, make sure you tell a friend or family member beforehand where you are going and when you’ll be coming back.

State-specific boating guides are a terrific resource as you prepare for the summer boating season. They are also available from other states where Potlatch sells recreational properties, such as Idaho, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi.

In addition to offering safety tips, the guides detail applicable licensing requirements in each state, along with other important rules and regulations.

As you get out on the water this summer, consider that Potlatch has many properties within easy reach of excellent recreational opportunities. The experts in the Potlatch Preferred Network can help you make a buying decision that will put you close both to the woods and the water. Contact a broker today to get started.

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