Don’t assume you can get access to property from a neighbor

If you are looking to buy some recreational property that’s best accessed through a neighbor’s property, don’t simply assume that this will be no problem.

There is a new culture of private owners around Arkansas and in other parts of the country who are no longer willing to provide free access through their land. Some have seen abuse of their land, by hunters or those using all-terrain vehicles; many have seen dumping of illegal waste on their property; and some perceive a general lack of respect for the land.
Private landowners are becoming more educated in their rights, so recreational property owners need to respect their neighbors’ property, establish permission to pass through, be grateful for the opportunity and most importantly, understand the privilege of access.

The rules are different state by state, and each situation is unique. So be sure to talk to your broker about the property you’re looking at, and make sure you know whether access may be an issue.

Ben Ballard, Kingwood Forestry Services 

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