Broker in the Woods, featuring Mark Knight

From time to time, we’ll be introducing you to the people that you’ll be working with as you consider purchasing Potlatch property.  They’re not just real estate experts selling the land – they know it, love it and enjoy being out there, as often as possible, just like you.

Potlatch Preferred Broker Mark Knight grew up duck hunting with his older brother in the Mississippi River Delta. Now, he’s delighted to share his love of hunting with his two sons, Spencer, 11, and Jackson, 8.

Mark Knight out in the woods with his sons, Spencer & Jackson (from left)

Mark Knight out in the woods with his sons,  Spencer & Jackson (from left)

“Both boys have gone deer and duck hunting,” he says. “This year, my oldest shot his first duck. It was an incredible moment! Now, it’s something he really looks forward to.”  While Knight enjoys the relaxing stillness of deer hunting, his sons prefer to hunt duck.

“They liked climbing up into the deer stand,” he says. “But they discovered deer hunting involves a lot of sitting still and being quiet.” Duck hunting is more active. “You can talk with the guys while the ducks are working.” And there’s the fun of wading into chest deep water to pick up the waterfowl.

One of his favorite hunting spots is the White River National Wildlife Refuge. The Refuge offers excellent waterfowl, deer and turkey hunting opportunities. In addition, Knight says, “Some of our Potlatch property near Felsenthal is in a great duck hunting location.”

Knight also owns a cabin on 40 acres where his boys are free to roam, do some fishing and enjoy the outdoors. “It’s great being out on the water or in the woods, watching the birds fly over,” he says. “I hope it’s something the boys will continue to look forward to. Hunting is an activity you can enjoy all your life.

Want to get out hunting with your family in your own neck of the woods?   Connect with Mark – of Davis DuBose Knight Forestry & Real Estate – or any of one our other Potlatch Preferred Brokers and they’ll help get you out there this season!

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