Avoid these common mistakes as you plant food plots

Planting a food plot to attract wildlife to your hunting property takes careful planning, and the last thing you’ll want is to see the crops fail. In a nutshell, an excellent list of tips on the Deer & Deer Hunting website involves everything from understanding the soil at the food plot’s location, to making sure the site is weed-free, to matching the crops to the soil.

But beyond these crop-specific tips, the list also includes other things to think about. For example, don’t plant the food plot near your property line. Make the project more fun by involving your family in the process. Take the proper steps to protect your crops from wildlife as it starts to grow.

DeerandDeerHunting.com | September 2017

But don’t focus only on keeping your crops protected as they grow. Think about the food plot’s location as a future hunting spot. Install shrub cover around the crops, which will help bucks feel more secure as they visit. Plan the location so you’ll be able to approach the area without wildlife realizing it. And make sure it isn’t in an area where you’ll be staring into the afternoon sun as you approach.

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