A Good Spot for Growing Big Bucks

Even a smaller property can be a good spot for growing big bucks.

When deer hunter Travis Paul bought a 27-acre property, he wasn’t going to let the relatively small size of the tract deter him from growing high-quality deer.

His story, told in a post on the North American Whitetail website, offers some ideas that will be helpful for any owner of a smaller tract who wants to maximize its potential as a hunting property. In five years, he grew the deer on the Iowa property to a point where he bagged a 15-pointer grossing 191.

Like any knowledgeable deer hunter, Travis knows that key attributes of a good hunting property involve making sure deer get food, water, safe areas for bedding, and ingress/egress routes.

So he put in food plots, planted grasses to help establish bedding areas and installed two watering holes for water sources. In his planning, he also covered many other important details, from thinking about scent control, to planning the best spots for deer stands, to taking steps to ensure that the food plots would last an entire season.

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