Timberland Returns have held up vs. Inflation

As the stock market bounces around, PotlatchDeltic’s real estate brokers are often asked how rural real estate with timber on the property fares as an investment.

While no one can predict the future, it can be helpful to study past performance of timberland as an investment. Forest Research Group has studied timberland returns vs. inflation and government bond investments over the years, and last fall issued a report that showed how timberland returns have tended to be strongly correlated with inflation.

“Many investors use correlation as an indicator of an asset’s ability to hedge against inflation,” the report states. “Under this criterion, timberland is a better inflation hedge than most of the assets in our analysis.”

Timberland returns have always exceeded inflation over any and all 10-year investment periods since 1960.

The upshot: rural recreational land is worth looking at as an investment alternative that in the past has performed well in hedging against inflation. And what’s more, this is an investment you can enjoy over the years – hunting, camping and enjoying time with your family and friends.

To learn more about all the ins and outs of buying rural recreational land, contact one of our PotlatchDeltic Preferred Brokers. They are experts in helping you find a property that will fit your needs.

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Buying Tips to Determine a Fair Sales Price

Every buyer of recreational land for sale has the same goal – find a quality piece of property at a fair price that matches what you’re looking for.

But how do you determine what a fair price is? Figuring that out is a key part of the buying decision, but in land sales, this can seem a bit complicated for the buyer. Unlike residential home sales, there often aren’t recent sales of comparable tracts nearby to compare a price to.

Learn more by checking out this LandThink.com article written by Tom Smith of Tom Smith Land and Homes – a PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker in Mississippi.


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Looking for some affordable “dream hunts”?

Two “Dream Hunts” are in Idaho!

In addition to their usual trips, many hunters like to plan ahead and budget for occasional “dream hunts” in special locations.

If you’ve thought about taking such a trip, Field & Stream has a list of 20 affordable “dream hunts” to consider, with some details and estimated prices.

We were excited to see that two of the 20 hunts are in Idaho, where PotlatchDeltic offers a wide selection of recreational properties!

The two hunts:

  • Black bear hunting in the Rockies, with bears out in the open from April to June, “munching on the green grass they need to flush their systems after hibernation.”
  • Mountain lion hunts in Idaho and Colorado, with the optimal time being late in the winter after a fresh snow. “And plan on bringing the meat home – it tastes just like pork.”

All the states where PotlatchDeltic sells properties have special hunting locations of one sort or another, and one of our Preferred Brokers can set you up with a property within reach of them. Call or e-mail one of our brokers today to start the process, so you have a base for your own “dream trips” in 2018.

Discover other affordable dream hunts…click now!

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Want a successful Spring Turkey Hunt? Plan ahead.

It isn’t too early to start planning for the spring turkey hunting season. And as hunters know, a turkey’s hearing and eyesight are so keen that you’d better have your act together if you hope to bag one.

A recent post on the Outdoor Alabama website offers some good tips as turkey hunters get ready for the spring. Among them:

  • Figure out your best hunting spots ahead of time, first in a vehicle and then on foot. Make a detailed map, and note terrain and other conditions.
  • Make sure your camouflage matches the foliage that you’ll have around you when you hunt.
  • As you work on your accuracy, make targets that approximate the size of a turkey’s head and neck – the critical spot to aim for.
  • When you head out for the hunt, bring a variety of calls. If one doesn’t work, another might.
  • Find a location where the turkeys have an easy route to you, so there shouldn’t be any creeks, gullies or steep hills. And of course, stillness is key, so be set up in a way where you won’t have to move much to be ready to shoot.

The real estate brokers in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker network are experts in helping outdoor enthusiasts buy recreational properties that offer quality hunting, whether your goal is to hunt deer, turkey, grouse or other types of wildlife.

Call one of our experts today, so you can have a property to hunt on this spring.

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Potlatch and Deltic Timber Complete Merger

PotlatchDeltic Corporation (NASDAQ:PCH) (“PotlatchDeltic”) today announced the successful completion of the previously announced merger of Potlatch Corporation with Deltic Timber Corporation in an all-stock transaction, creating a leading domestic timberland owner and top-tier wood products manufacturer.

The combined company has changed its name to PotlatchDeltic Corporation.

“Today marks the beginning of a stronger PotlatchDeltic, positioned for growth,” said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mike Covey. “We are thrilled to be celebrating this milestone and eager to begin integrating our business and capturing significant merger benefits. Our businesses have solid plans in place to deliver on our synergy commitments and provide a seamless transition for our customers and other stakeholders.”

The combination brings together two leading timberland owners and wood products manufacturers, while also combining two highly complementary and successful real estate businesses.

Together, the combined company has a highly productive and diverse timberland portfolio of nearly 2 million acres, with approximately 1.1 million acres in the U.S. South, 600,000 acres in Idaho, and 150,000 acres in Minnesota. The company operates eight wood products manufacturing facilities, including six lumber manufacturing facilities, one medium density fiberboard (“MDF”) facility and one industrial plywood mill. In total, PotlatchDeltic has lumber capacity of 1.2 billion board feet, making it one of the leading producers in the U.S.


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Looking for the perfect gift for your Valentine? ♥♥♥

With hunting, recreational, timberland and rural land listings from 20 to over 200 acres and prices to fit any budget, your search starts here!


So, whether you’re a first-time buyer just getting started or you’d like to expand your property holdings, we welcome you to Potlatch – the only name you need to know when it comes to buying recreational property.

Click here to tell us a little more and we’d be happy to introduce you to a member of our team – each an expert in their neck of the woods and the perfect partner in your search for your dream property.

Have questions or not sure how to get started?  Send us an email.

Happy hunting!

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Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Potlatch!

Wood you be mine?

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You’ve Bought a Recreational Property. Now what?

Once you’ve purchased a recreational property, the fun begins. And if you’ve done your homework with the help of an experienced real estate broker, there should be no surprises.

So now that you are a property owner, what should you do next? The Realtors Land Institute website offers six ideas of things to do first. Among them: Make sure your boundaries are clearly marked. Take the time to get to know the property as you start making plans for building a cabin or making other improvements.

But perhaps the most important tip is to take the time to meet your neighbors, because a productive relationship with them will be important in the years ahead.

Knowing your neighbors can be helpful in working together to make the area more attractive to wildlife. Having a personal relationship with them will also be extremely important if questions ever come up about access or property lines.

After all, while people certainly like the privacy that comes with having their own recreational property, it could be fun to invite your neighbors along for your next outdoor adventure.

For questions about owning recreational property, the brokers in Potlatch’s Preferred Broker Network are great resources. And whether you want to buy now or in the future, they can help you get started.




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What’s a Fair Price?

What’s a fair price to pay for that recreational property you’ve picked out? Getting to that answer is a key part of the buying decision, but can seem a bit complicated. After all, it’s different than determining the optimal price for a house in an area where there are comparable sales nearby.

Tom Smith of Tom Smith Land and Homes in Ridgeland, Mississippi gets this question quite a bit.

“The good news is that the buyer isn’t in this alone,”͟said Tom, a member of the Potlatch Preferred Broker Network. ”By working with a reputable, experienced real estate broker, buyers can have confidence that the price they are paying is fair.”

With this in mind, Tom offers five things for buyers to think about that can be extremely helpful:

  1. Make sure you work with a land broker who understands recreational property and knows what you are looking for. Many successful land brokers are known for properly pricing a property, and, in turn getting it sold. This means understanding that buyers are extremely knowledgeable, usually knowing the geographic area they want to buy in, along with the characteristics they are looking for, such as a certain quality of wildlife. It’s very important that the broker have experience in selling recreational
    property, not just homes. The two types of properties are extremely different in terms of how you determine a fair price.
  2. Have your goals in mind, and your expectations set.  Do your goals include harvesting timber, or growing best-in-class deer? And do you plan to hold the property for the long term? Getting answers to these questions factors into the price you are willing to pay for a property. Also, be aware if investments have been made in the property, whether it’s through fertilization of tree stands, or in building an entrance. This may justify a higher per-acre price, knowing you won’t have to invest in such things after your purchase.
  3. If you need to see comparable sales for peace of mind, a knowledgeable broker will be able to supply them. Even if there haven’t been comparable land sales nearby in recent months, an experienced land broker can take similar properties that are a bit further away and conduct a smart analysis to show how they compare to the one you are considering. In addition to doing their own analysis, brokers often can get such applicable comps from land lenders or major landowners in the area. Also, it can be very helpful to have a reputable forester do an analysis of the property, offering you more information about the value of the timber.
  4. As in any kind of real estate, location is everything. It’s all about convenience. If one recreational property is an hour closer to you than another, that may be worth a higher price per acre, because it probably means you will use the property more often. If you go to that closer-in property twice a month, it amounts to a four-hour savings over a month’s time – time you could be hunting,  riding ATVs, or simply relaxing.
  5. Understand that every property is different, so comps only go so far. The quality of wildlife on every property is different, as is the quality of timber. So while it’s important to have a budget in mind, it’s important to know that making your budget fit with your needs may require some flexibility.

Again, it’s important is to have the right partner in this effort. Potlatch brokers have localized knowledge combined with deep experience in pricing recreational properties – two critical components for success.

Ready to start the conversation?  Contact a broker in your neck of the woods today.

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Get to know our Minnesota Brokers: United Country – Banning Junction Real Estate

BROKER SPOTLIGHT: United Country – Banning Junction Real Estate, Inc.

For Natalie Cowart, selling recreational real estate runs in the family. She and her brother, Tom Jensen, bought their real estate business, United Country Banning Junction Real Estate, from their parents in 1999, 15 years after it was founded.

Growing up just miles from the office has helped their business, with roots in the community that they don’t take for granted. Natalie works alongside her brother, his wife Jamie, and several other agents who have been with their office for many years.

“Having many agents with us for so long, it really is a family business,” she says. Because of their longstanding reputation in the community, midway between the cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul and Duluth, their repeat and referral business is something they value.

“I think my passion for what I do shows through,” she says. “I have a hard time not showing that excitement. Our clients know they will always get that level of sincerity and service.”

Natalie’s business is affiliated with United Country Real Estate, a well-known national franchise system with exceptional rural properties for sale around the country. “Being a part of United Country Real Estate and utilizing the UC network has been such a blessing for our business,” she says. “People know the name and the reputation.”

She also feels fortunate to have desirable Potlatch land to share with buyers. From price to location, the land is reachable geographically and attainable financially for many people. Also, buyers appreciate the certainty that goes with a Potlatch purchase, since Potlatch has already handled such details as providing access and marking boundary lines.

Buyers today have done their homework, Cowart says. “They know what they want and what they can afford. And since we’re in a small town, we can send them to a local bank as a name, and not just a number.”

While she gets plenty of buyers over 50 years old looking to buy recreational property, she’s seeing more younger buyers who want to enjoy recreation with their families before their kids finish high school. And with a healthy market for home sales, she sees many buyers using proceeds from a home sale or funds from a home equity line to pay for a getaway.

Cowart has fun not just selling land, but showing it as well. Her relationship with Potlatch has allowed her to indulge in her favorite pastime: putting on her boots and exploring the land.

“Being in this business has been the best thing for myself and my family,” she says, which includes her husband of more than 25 years, two boys, and an extended family who all share a passion for the outdoors.

“Our family has 300 acres with a cabin, where we love to hunt, recreate and head out on the ATVs,” Cowart says. “We also have a couple of hunting parcels, rental properties and a vacation home in Florida, so we stay pretty busy. I truly believe we wouldn’t have any of these things if I weren’t in this business.”

For more information about United Country – Banning Junction or its Potlatch land listings

67 Arrowhead Lane | Moose Lake, MN 55767 | Phone: 612-390-3945
Website: www.mooselakerealestate-mn.com | Email: natalieunitedcountry@gmail.com

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