Tips for Staying Sharp on your Next Hunting Trip

Hunting is certainly a taxing, physical activity, and it takes stamina to be successful.Image result for brain, hunting

But what about the mental side of hunting? That is just as important, because it takes quick thinking and decision-making to make snap judgments when your target comes into view.

A post in Outdoor Life magazine offers some tips for staying sharp on your next hunting trip. And while some of the tips may seem obvious – get enough rest, plan ahead, know your equipment – there are less-obvious things that can be helpful.

Three examples:

  1. Don’t try to remember everything; use a notepad to jot down the critical information you will need on your trip.
  2. Don’t fiddle with your equipment when you don’t need to.
  3. And, consider taking well-timed naps to make up for those early mornings.

Another thing that can help is having your own property to hunt. Talk to a member of the Potlatch Preferred Network and have them help you find your perfect hunting spot.



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Warm up with our Winter Newsletter!

It’s been a cold winter across most of the country, and yet things are heating up here at Potlatch!  As you enjoy your winter recreation and hunting, warming up by a roaring fie and meting marshmallows in your hot chocolate, we’ve been busy adding land buying opportunities and looking forward to welcoming many new Potlatch landowners in 2018! In this issue…

  • What’s a fair price?
  • We’re growing in 2018!  Read about the Potlatch Corp. merger with Deltic Timber.
  • Read about the timber market resurgence.
  • Meet our newest broker team – Northwest Land & Lifestyle Properties in Hayden, Idaho.
  • And, don’t miss the Property Showcase to see some of our best land-buying opportunities. Click here >> Image result for video icon

You’ll find all these great articles in this issue of The Property Perspective ONLINEor PDF (to read, just click on your preferred viewing format).

So, whether you’re a first-time buyer just getting started or you’d like to expand your property holdings, we’re glad you’re here. Before you go, we invite you to:

  • Click here to tell us a little more and we’d be happy to introduce you to a member of our team – each an expert in their neck of the woods and the perfect partner in your search for your dream property.

Have questions or not sure how to get started?  Send us an email.

Happy hunting!

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Happy New Year!

From all of us at Potlatch, Happy New Year!

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Happy Holidays from all of us at Potlatch

May peace, happiness and prosperity be yours during
this Holiday Season and throughout the New Year!

If you cannot reach any one of us during the next week, it’s because we’re
celebrating the holiday with family and friends.  Please visit with us online or
try us again on Tuesday, December 26th. Thank you!
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Our Team Talks: Improving your Recreational Land

ICYMI – We posted an article recently about improving your recreational land.  Did you miss it?
Read the full article here.

Ready to get started?  Contact a Potlatch Preferred Broker and start the conversation.

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To harvest timber, how much land do you need?

It’s a question many buyers ask.  If you want to be able to harvest timber on the recreational property you’re going to purchase, consider whether the property will be attractive to a logging company. With this in mind, you’ll also want to consider how many acres are truly “timbered” and not in areas that have ponds, creeks, roads or structures.

Learn more – check out more information on this topic in this LandThink post.



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Improving your Recreational Land – where to start?

If you’re looking for some recreational land to call your own, you may not be sure how you would put in such improvements as road access, water or power on the property you decide to buy. With this in mind, Potlatch is offering a number of properties with some improvements already in place, knowing that many buyers don’t want the hassle of figuring things out themselves.

Tie Creek, Parcel 10 | Orofino, Idaho

“Many buyers don’t know where to start in making improvements, so we provide a lot of value by offering them a property with some of that done for them,” says Jim Lemieux, Senior Manager, Idaho Real Estate for Potlatch. “And if they do want to do those improvements after they buy, we can offer advice and contacts to help them with that process.”

In some locations, Potlatch is cutting an access road on the property, which creates an entrance and can help an owner visualize where a campsite or cabin might best be located. And in some areas, Potlatch is selling relatively small recreational properties – for example, in the Brainerd, Minnesota area, where a popular size is 10 to 15 acres.

“The 10- to 15-acre property size offers privacy and room to have a place for a horse or storage for all your outdoors equipment, at a price that’s appealing for a lot of people,” says Ed Patrias, Real Estate Manager, Minnesota for Potlatch.

For a budget-minded buyer, or for buyers who want to totally create their own paradise, purchasing unimproved property is a good way to include your own design, while improved property sells at a higher price because of work already done to make it more user-ready.

Knowing that every recreational buyer’s wants and needs are different, Potlatch works to appeal to a wide range of buyers, while being able to answer any questions a buyer might have.

As several examples of such questions:

  • Do properties in a developed community always carry land-use restrictions? (That depends. Usually, the level of restrictions matches the desires of property owners in a certain geographic area. For example, restrictions are often extremely limited in rural Idaho, sometimes only pertaining to how road costs are shared.)
  • How do I figure out whether I can get water, sewer and power on a property? (In many rural locations, it’s cost-prohibitive to bring utilities like water and sewer out to the site. Instead, Potlatch can work with a buyer to look at options like wells, septic and generators.)
  • As I think about deciding between properties with improvements or without them, where do I start? (The key is to work with a knowledgeable broker who knows recreational real estate, like the experts in the Potlatch Preferred Broker Network.)

Potlatch has a number of properties for sale in Idaho (such as Tie Creek overlooking the Dworshak Reservoir near Orofino) and Minnesota (Living on the Edge at the edge of Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness entry point near Ely) that would appeal to a buyer who wants a property that already has some improvements.

Beyond that, though, Potlatch can help any recreational buyer looking for properties in Idaho, Minnesota, Arkansas, Alabama or Mississippi. Call one of the brokers in the Potlatch Preferred Broker Network today to start the process!

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Keys to “Still Hunting” in the Winter

As winter takes hold across the North, sitting in your deer stand soon becomes a fruitless exercise. Bucks are not on the move like they were earlier in the season, so smart deer hunters need to get on the ground and go to where they are.

Here are some good tips for “still hunting” – the practice of slowly, quietly moving to spots where deer congregate, while always being careful not to draw attention to yourself.

Among the tips listed here: Make sure you move into the wind, so deer don’t catch your scent. Embrace bad-weather days, because they work to your advantage. And focus on spots where deer are feeding at first light, then moving on to other locations with food sources as the day goes on.

Even though it’s getting cold in states like Minnesota and Idaho, it’s still a good time to look for a recreational property to call your own. Call one of the members of the Potlatch Preferred Broker Network – they are experts in helping hunters buy properties that are a perfect fit with what they are looking for.

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Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Potlatch!

May the good things of life be yours in abundance,

at Thanksgiving and throughout the coming year.

If you cannot reach any one of us this week, it’s because we’re celebrating
the holiday with family and friends.  Please visit with us online or
try us again on Monday, November 27th.   Thank you!
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St. Joe Riverfront Property offered as a Sealed Bid Sale

A rare ownership opportunity to own river front property on the scenic St. Joe River is available now through November 30.  Potlatch owns 12.45 acres located less than one mile west of the historic town of Avery, Idaho with 1/2 mile of frontage on both the St. Joe River and Forest Road 50/St. Joe River Road.

[Click for more information]

The location is truly a sportsman’s paradise and any buyer will enjoy the excellent recreational opportunities it offers – like fishing, camping, hunting, rafting/tubing and hiking.

The property will be exclusively offered as a Sealed Bid Sale with a scheduled bid date of November 30, 2017.  All interested parties are invited and encouraged to submit an offer.  The sale will be an all cash transaction with intent to close on or before December 29, 2017.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity or to receive the detailed bid package to submit your offer, please contact Jim Lemieux, (208) 748-2033 or Ben Ballard, (208) 748-2031 at your earliest convenience.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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