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May the good things of life be yours in abundance,
at Thanksgiving and throughout the coming year.

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You’ll ‘fall’ for our latest Newsletter!

Fall seems to have flown by as quickly as the beautiful fall colors came and went.  Now, we head into the the holidays and winter weather, which has already started in many parts of the country!  There’s plenty of time left in 2018 to start that land search you’ve been considering. So, whether you’re looking for information about the recreational and hunting lifestyle or want to see what properties we currently have listed, now’s the perfect time to have a look.

In this issue…

  • So you want your property to be a legacy? Look at these 4 important things to think about…
  • See which of our brokers was named Land Realtor of the Year…
  • Find out about communities that are perfect for building that new home or getaway you’ve been thinking about…
  • Meet one of our brokers – Charlie Chernak of Bear Island Land Co. in Minnesota…
  • And, don’t miss the Property Showcase to see some of our best land-buying opportunities. Click here >> Image result for video icon

You’ll find all these great articles and more in this issue of The Property Perspective ONLINE or PDF (to read, just click on your preferred viewing format).

So, whether you’re a first-time buyer just getting started or you’d like to expand your property holdings, we’re glad you’re here. Before you go, we invite you to:

  • Click here to tell us a little more and we’d be happy to introduce you to a member of our team – each an expert in their neck of the woods and the perfect partner in your search for your dream property.

Have questions or not sure how to get started?  Send us an email.

Happy hunting!

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This Winter Leave the Stand and “Still Hunt”

As fall turns to winter, it gets more and more difficult for deer hunters to find bucks. So why would it make sense to sit in a deer stand all day, hoping the deer come to you?

Instead, it’s often a good idea to “still hunt” – slowly and quietly walking the woods to find spots where the deer are, whether they are feeding early in the day or bedding down later on.

This approach requires patience and skill. A blog on the Bone Collector website gives some good tips for hunters who want to “still hunt” this winter. Here are some of them:

  • Move into the wind. Even if you stay in the shadows and are extremely quiet, deer could still get your scent if you aren’t careful.
  • Bad weather, such as rain or snow, can actually be a positive, making it tougher for wildlife to spot you.
  • Set your GPS to flag your vehicle’s location, then don’t worry about where your hunt takes you, knowing you’ll be able to find your way back.
  • Make every movement slowly, whether it’s pulling up your binoculars or getting out some equipment you need.
  • Travel light to allow maximum movement, knowing you’ll be keeping warm by being on the move.
  • Stay alert at all times. When you are walking deep in the woods, you may turn a corner at any time and be in a high-target spot.

PotlatchDeltic sells quality hunting properties in Minnesota, Idaho, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama – properties you can use as a great home base for your hunting trips. Call or email one of the experts in our PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network today to see what’s available.



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Get to know our Mississippi Brokers: Tom Smith Land and Homes

Tom Smith

BROKER SPOTLIGHT: Tom Smith Land and Homes

Tom Smith, of Tom Smith Land and Homes, is known as “The Land Man” for a good reason – he has the largest land brokerage in Mississippi.

Tom’s company has grown from 22 to more than 50 professionals in recent years, and has offices around the state in Ridgeland, Starkville, Oxford, Hattiesburg, Brookhaven, and New Albany.

The reasons for Tom Smith Land and Homes’ success are simple, Tom says. “People want you to do what you say you’re going to do. We do that. And we deliver results, thanks to a close-knit team that has each other’s backs, like a family.”

This approach is nicely summarized in the company’s motto: “Expect more, get more.”

Before becoming one of the Southeast’s top land sales experts, Tom spent a number of years climbing the corporate ladder, including 15 years with Wal-Mart, where he rose to the rank of Vice President of Operations. He lived in 11 different states and traveled the world, but after 27 years in corporate America what he wanted most was to come home.

Home for him is Mississippi. “I was born and raised in Meridian,” he says. “As a kid, I hunted and fished; I was always outside.”

Still an avid outdoorsman, Tom wanted to live and work in a place that would offer him plenty of opportunities to pursue his hobbies. For him, Mississippi has it all. “We have amazing deer and duck hunting as well as terrific bass fishing,” he says. “Best of all, nothing freezes here, so I can fish year-round.”

Mississippi is a great place to raise a family, and Tom, his wife Ellen, and their two daughters, Kathleen and Samantha, spend many happy hours boating on Lake Caroline.

In 2002, he launched Tom Smith Land and Homes and quickly found his niche. “No one was really focusing on land,” he says.

The company has grown exponentially in recent years, and Tom is delighted to be a PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker. “Buyers like the certainty of knowing the property they’re buying has been taken care of,” he says. “Whether they’re looking for great recreational opportunities, potential investment opportunities or a well-managed forest with quality wildlife, they know a PotlatchDeltic property is quality real estate.”

As an Accredited Land Consultant, Tom provides specialized knowledge to his clients. “I don’t just sell you land,” he says. “I can offer advice on how to design, develop and maintain it.”

And he ensures that the other land specialists on his team have that knowledge. His team includes several other ALCs, and a number of his team members are working on the hard-to-get ALC designation, which requires specialized education and a proven track record in selling land.

The team’s specialized knowledge and excellent personal service combine for a winning formula. “Two factors drive our company’s business,” Tom says, “the loyalty the public has in our brand, and the work we do to get the word out about our company around the state.”

As he cruises properties and talks to buyers, Tom doesn’t miss his days in corporate America a bit. “I have a passion for what I do,” he says. “I don’t have to go to work – I get to go to work!”


For more information about Tom Smith Land and Homes
or its PotlatchDeltic land listings
601 Crescent Blvd, Suite 103 | Ridgeland, MS 39157 | Phone: 601-898-2772
Website: www.got-landcom | Email: tom@tomsmithland.com

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Happy Halloween. Get your candy on!

“Witching” you and yours a spooktacular Halloween!

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Buying recreational property? Don’t make these 5 mistakes.

As buyers go through all the steps involved in buying a high-quality recreational property, it’s important to
know what to do – and just as important, what not to do.

At PotlatchDeltic, we are committed to making the purchase process as simple and painless as possible. Every step of the way, our goal is for you to buy the best property for your needs, whether you want to hunt, hike, camp, build a home, or just relax.

With this in mind, here are five common mistakes that you should avoid:

  1. Not thinking you can buy what you want within your budget.
    Always keep your end goal in mind: buying a property that will be a great fit for you and your family. As you set your budget, know that you get what you pay for. Understand that different properties carry different values. After all, what’s the use of paying a little less if the property isn’t right for you and you don’t use your new property regularly?

As you begin the land buying process, you’ll find a lot of opportunities at every budget price point in the   market. At PotlatchDeltic, we have great properties in current inventory from $40,000 and up – not much more than the cost of a new car.

2. Not thinking about how you will use the property.
This will vary for each buyer, so create a list that is personal for you. It’s best to think about these things now, not after you buy. If hunting is your end goal, some examples of the kinds of questions to consider are:

How many people will be hunting on the property at a time? Or,how many animals do you expect to harvest each year? That could determine how many acres you should buy.

What do you want to hunt? The answer to that will help you choose location as well as property characteristics that match your wildlife preferences. Do you want quality deer on the property? If so, you’ll need to be hyper-focused on the availability of good food and water sources, or how easy it would be to cultivate the right food and bedding sources on the property.

3. Not working with a reputable, experienced recreational land expert.
There simply isn’t a substitute for leveraging the knowledge of a land sales expert who focuses on selling recreational properties. The professionals in our PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker team are good examples of this type of expert. They have deep experience in selling rural property and maintain their expertise with on-going training and certifications. They can help you figure out everything from assessing the recreational potential of a property to making sure it has proper access and clear title, and will insure the closing of the purchase goes smoothly.

4. Not understanding all the factors that go into the sales price, such as timber value, location, and a property’s specific attributes.

Again, it’s important to work with a land expert who knows how to account for everything that establishes the right value for the property,  and ultimately your offer.  A land expert will walk you through the contributing factors and help you ask the right questions. Is the location appealing? Does the property have the potential to have quality wildlife? What do comparable sales of similar recreational properties look like in the surrounding area? And what is the maturity and marketability of the timber on the property?

Warren Buffett summed it up well: Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

5. Not realizing that land can be a solid investment, based on historical returns.

Many people with investment goals are looking to buy land as a hedge against stock market volatility. Land investments have performed well historically when measured against inflation, and provide a way for investors to diversify their holdings. While past performance isn’t necessarily an indicator for future returns, demand for timber remains strong as a function of the healthy market for lumber. At the same time, there’s growing demand for recreational properties as more people look for a place for their family and friends to have a retreat of their own. And, an added benefit is that you get to use this investment!

“It’s hard for many recreational land buyers to know the ins and outs of a smart purchase,” says Mark Bice, who manages real estate activities for PotlatchDeltic in the Southeast. “It simply makes sense to get peace of mind by working with one of the experts on the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker team.

After all, it’s important that you don’t make a mistake that could keep you from buying the right property – a spot that you are truly happy with.”

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Know Questions to Ask: Investing in Timberland

As with any major buying decision, it’s important to ask the right questions if you are thinking about investing in timberland. A recent blog post on Land.com lays out a number of good questions to ask as you determine whether such an investment is right for you.

Some examples:

What are the advantages of buying timberland?
To highlight a few: Timberland investments have acted as a good hedge for inflation over time. Trees grow on a property no matter how the economy is doing. And of course, you can use the property for recreation while the timber grows.

How important is timber investment to you in your property purchase?
For some rural property buyers, it’s all about the investment. For others, the timber value is simply a bonus on a property that will be used for hunting, hiking, ATVs or other recreation.

Do I need to know how the land has been managed?
Land management is an important factor to consider, both in how the seller has managed a property up to now, and in how a tract matches up with your plans for future uses and management.

Should I know what types of trees are on the property? How does that play into my investment?
Some types of trees grow faster than others, and each type of tree carries its own unique value. It’s important to understand the types and ages of trees, along with the soil conditions on a property you are considering.

Where can I get help with understanding all this? I’m not an expert in timber investing or land management.
A great place to start is with one of the recreational property experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network. Their job is to understand your needs, and to match up the right property with those needs. They sell recreational properties that have been cared for by PotlatchDeltic, one of the nation’s top timber companies. And they have deep experience and knowledge of timber, both as an investment, and as one facet of a property that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

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Climbing your Tree Stand? Be safe!

Using a safety harness and having safety ropes on your deer hunting tree stands simply makes sense. After all, a fall from 10 or 15 feet could lead to serious injury.

Writing in Bowhunting World, Dave Maas admits he doesn’t always use a harness, since it isn’t always convenient for him. That said, he says he is focusing more and more on safety in his hunts, having heard too many stories about hunters who’ve have tree stand spills with disastrous consequences.

Maas says he has been extremely lucky, since he’s never fallen out of a tree even though he’s been hunting for more than 40 years. But he remembers several scary moments when faulty tree steps have snapped under his boots. Thankfully, he was holding on to other steps when that happened.

treestand safetyHe also offers other good common-sense safety tips like these:

  • Don’t climb with your bow; use a hauling rope to bring the bow up to you.
  • If tree steps or ladders are slippery, or if the wind’s blowing more than 25 mph, hunt from the ground.
  • And keep your cell phone close by, in case you have an accident.

As deer seasons open around the country, PotlatchDeltic urges hunters to take the time to make sure they are following best practices, whether it’s by following gun safety rules or ensuring that tree stands are secure. We are proud to sell quality hunting land around the nation, knowing that getting outdoors can create memories that last a lifetime.

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Fall into our Property Showcase!

As the leaves turn and hunters begin new seasons, now is the perfect time to find a dream property for your favorite outdoor recreational activity. With hunting, recreational, timberland and rural land listings from 20 to over 200 acres and prices to fit any budget, your search starts here!


Cass Lake, MN
20 acres | $37,500
To see full listing, click on image.

All Minnesota Listings


Carroll County, MS
40 acres | $77,650

To see full listing, click on image.

All Mississippi Listings



Butler County, AL
37 acres | $107,250
To see full listing, click on image.

All Alabama Listings


Van Buren County, AR
72 acres | $158,500
To see full listing, click on image.

All Arkansas Listings

~ Under Contract ~

St. Maries
To see full listing, click on image.

All Idaho Listings

So, whether you’re a first-time buyer just getting started or you’d like to expand your property holdings, we welcome you to PotlatchDeltic – the only name you need to know when it comes to buying recreational property.


Click here to tell us a little more and we’d be happy to introduce you to a member of our team – each an expert in their neck of the woods and the perfect partner in your search for your dream property.

Have questions or not sure how to get started?  Send us an email.

Happy hunting!

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A Property Purchase that also Preserves Land for Wildlife

Image result for conservation easement, brainerd, minnesota

Certainly, recreational property buyers want to do their part to own a property that’s hospitable for wildlife. But did you know there are ways you can create a conservation area as you buy your own recreational retreat?

PotlatchDeltic recently did such a hybrid deal with a 988-acre property in the Brainerd Lakes area of Minnesota. The company first placed a conservation easement on the property while retaining four building sites spread around the property. Then, another owner bought the property, subject to keeping the building sites with their own private easements.

With this approach, the land can never be developed beyond the homesites. Hundreds of acres are preserved for wildlife production. And each building site owner will have the right to use the property and to build a cabin.

“This was a win-win for everyone involved,” said Rod Osterloh of Close-Converse, a PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker in Brainerd, Minnesota, one of the state’s leading experts in selling recreational property. “In addition to the potential tax advantages of this approach, the buyer has the certainty of knowing the land around him will be a conservation area.”

No matter what approach you take in planning your recreational property purchase, it’s critical to work with a real estate professional who has experience in working with such properties.

The pros in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network have this experience, having sold recreational properties to conservation-minded buyers for years. Call one of our Preferred Brokers today to start planning your own legacy!

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