Leasing recreational land

One way that people come to appreciate the value of a forest is through recreation. For many, “getting away from it all” means going into the woods.   Did you know that Potlatch offers recreational use permits to make its lands available for a wide variety of public uses?

For information and guidelines about hunting and other activities on Potlatch lands in your state, choose and click on a state to learn more!

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5 Responses to Leasing recreational land

  1. harold mullins

    looking for land lease or sale in Bradley or Cleveland countys

  2. Nickolas Mueller

    Looking for info on leasing land for hunting and camping in mn

  3. I,ve heard your company is thinking about ending current leasing program and going to a hunting permit system here in Arkansas which would great. is there anything to it ?

    • Hi Dale! We saw your recent question about our Arkansas leasing program posted recently on our news/blog site; we emailed you but in case you missed that, we’re following up here. What we found out is that our current leasing program is not ending or changing. So, if you’re interested in more information, we invite you to check out our leasing website where you can find current available leases, answers to frequently asked questions, contact information and more. Click here or copy/paste into your web browser > https://rlms.potlatchcorp.com/.

      Should you need any additional information, feel free to email me directly at stacey.kulyk@potlatchdeltic.com.
      Thank you and happy hunting!

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