Getting a better land buying experience…revealed!

We get questions about the recreational, hunting and timberland properties we sell all the time, and one of the most popular questions is: Are there advantages to working with a real estate professional during my land search, and in particular, a Potlatch broker?

The simple answer?   Yes.

Over the last few posts, we’ve told you why working with a broker, in general, and a Potlatch Preferred Broker, specifically can help improve your buying experience…

#5 – Working with a Potlatch Broker early in the process will save you time, and will make your search easier.

#4 – A Potlatch Broker will know the ins and outs of recreational property purchases.

#3 – Understanding the timber part of a purchase is important and requires special skills and experience.

#2 – A recreational broker understands the market.

And, now, the final benefit to working with a Potlatch Broker…


#1 – Using a Potlatch Broker costs the buyer nothing.

The fees related to a Potlatch Broker’s time selling Potlatch property is covered by the company. Potlatch only sells property through its Preferred Broker Network, meaning that these extremely attractive properties in Minnesota, Arkansas, Wisconsin and Idaho are only available through our brokers.

Want to learn more about the Potlatch team? Read profiles on each one of brokers at our website, see the areas each represent or start your search today with a call or e-mail to the Potlatch Broker who works in the area you’re interested in.

Ready to get started with a member of the Potlatch team in your neck of the woods?  Click here.


6 Responses to Getting a better land buying experience…revealed!

  1. Interested in buying recreational property in the New Meadows , Idaho area . Off of The Mud Creek Road , west side .

    • Arthur – thanks for your note! We’ve sent you an email with some additional information and you should be hearing from Rick Musick of United County – Musick & Sons soon. He’s our Preferred Broker in that neck of the woods and he’ll help you look at what’s available in the New Meadows area.

  2. Jerry Ayers

    Looking for property in pierce to headquarters to buy

    • Hi Jerry! Thanks for asking about Idaho property. We invite you to tell us a little more and we’ll be happy to introduce you to one of our Preferred Brokers who can help you with your land search. Please visit and tell a little more about what you’re looking for. Hope to hear from you soon!

  3. To whom it may concern,
    I’m looking to purchase water front property well off the Ms. coast!
    Looking for VERY REMOTE land for sale located on river, lake, bayou, or creek.
    Intending on building a retirement home and would be nice to have access to power and internet.
    Love to fish, hunt, and garden.
    Prefer to live pretty much “off grid” anywhere north of Wiggins Ms. in Mississippi.
    I’m in no hurry to purchase ! I want to take my time to find the perfect location!
    Please try and locate areas to view after Christmas …
    Thank you,
    Ted Brown

    • Hi Ted and thanks for your note along with all the info about your land search. We’ve passed your info along to one of our Preferred Brokers in Mississippi – Tom Smith. You should be hearing from his office soon and they’ll be able to help you along with your hunt for the perfect recreational land buy. If you’d like to contact them, here’s their info:
      Tom Smith | Tom Smith Land and Homes
      601 Crescent Blvd., Suite 103 | Ridgeland, MS 39157
      Phone: 601-898-2772 | Email:

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