Must-have Items to Keep in your Vehicle this Winter!

As the weather turns colder around the country, it’s a good time to review what you have in your vehicle for your winter adventures, especially if you live in a Northern state.

Whether you’re going hunting, taking a cross-country skiing trip, or just embarking on a hike deep in the woods, it’s important to be able to get home if you have vehicle trouble or if the weather quickly turns nasty.

With this in mind, the website offers a list of 11 must-haves for your peace of mind, ranging from more obvious items, like tire chains and jumper cables, to things you might not have thought about, like a battery jump starter box and a tool bag with an assortment of wrenches.

As you start planning your next outdoor adventure, it’s a good time to think about getting a home base of your own. The recreational real estate experts in PotlatchDeltic’s Preferred Broker Network are well-versed in finding you a property that can be used for anything from a hunting camp to a well-appointed cabin. Give one of our Preferred Brokers a call today to start your property search.


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Winter Property Visits can be Rewarding, but Plan Ahead

If you’re looking to buy recreational property in northern states like Minnesota and Idaho, you might wonder whether you can have a productive property visit when its’s cold and snowy.

The answer is yes: There is no reason you should have to wait until spring to figure out where you want to buy. In fact, seeing property in the winter can be great fun and is often an experience many buyers have never been exposed to.

In the Ely, Minnesota area, where Charlie Chernak of Bear Island Land Co. sells property, his land showings often involve driving, then unloading snowmobiles, and finally strapping on a pair of snowshoes. But the effort is worth it, says Charlie, a member of the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network.

“Even if there’s snow on the ground, an experienced land broker can show you the property in a way where you’ll have confidence in knowing what the terrain is like,” he says.

First, plan ahead for your outdoor property visit. Wear proper clothes and headgear. If you’re going to be snowshoeing, practice ahead of time. Carry extra batteries for your GPS unit. Bring water. And make sure you are with someone who knows the area and is experienced in the outdoors.

With the proper precautions, here are five reasons why looking at property in the winter doesn’t have to be a hindrance for you as a buyer, from Charlie Chernak and from Brett Anderson of by Close-Converse, which sells properties in the Brainerd, Minnesota area:

  1. Between using topographical maps and knowing what kinds of trees are found in lowlands, you can learn a property’s topography even if there’s snow on the ground.
  2. Winter is a great time to get wide views of a property, because there are no leaves on the trees or in the brush.
  3. Often, there is greater access to the wetland portions of a tract due to freeze-over.
  4. Winter visits can provide an excellent opportunity to see wildlife habitat due to the visibility of tracks in the snow. (And there are no bugs!)

Also, with the help of your broker, you can still see how a property looks during the spring, summer and fall with the help of photos and videos of the property.

So don’t delay. Contact one of the recreational property experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network, and start your land search now so you’ll be ready to have a home base for your outdoor adventures every season of the year.

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Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at PotlatchDeltic!

May the good things of life be yours in abundance,
at Thanksgiving and throughout the coming year.

If you cannot reach us this week, it’s because we are spending the holidays with family & friends.  
Please visit with us online or contact us on Monday, December 2nd.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Do you know your hunting seasons?

We ran this a few months ago, but now that hunting seasons are well underway throughout the country and will be changing again in the coming weeks, we thought it was a good idea to share the information again.

The best website we’ve seen for finding all this information in one place is the website, which easily gets you hunting season timeframes in each state.

You’ll find this link in our Resource Library, along with links to the state hunting regulatory agencies for Arkansas, Alabama, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota and Mississippi.  You’ll also find more articles there about hunting and things you can do to plan for the upcoming season.

At PotlatchDeltic, we specialize in preparing and selling recreational property that hunters will love. Call one of the experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network to start the process, so you can have a hunting home base to call your own this fall.

Happy hunting!

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PotlatchDeltic Brokers named as Best Brokerages 2019

These brokerages have been named among “America’s Best Brokerages 2019” by the prestigious Land Report for the 10th consecutive year! We’re proud that our brokers have consistently been included in the list since its inception. Congratulations to every member of the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network for making Land Report’s annual list of top land brokers!!

For a PDF of the article, click this icon

AND, through their United Country Real Estate affiliation (National, p. 82):

Click for full article online

Brokers in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network are experts in all aspects of recreational property sales. With decades of experience and deep knowledge of their geographic areas, they understand everything from what makes a quality hunting property to understanding how to ensure that a property fits a buyer’s exact needs.

Congratulations to all.  Keep up the good work!

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Busting Some Myths about Buying Land

79.3 Acres in Carroll County, MS. Listed with PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker, Tom Smith Land and Homes

When you’re first thinking about buying recreational property, you may hear a number of myths about whether it’s a good idea to buy land.

The folks at Realtree United Country have a helpful blog that busts five of the predominant myths out there.

In a nutshell, here are the facts:

  • The land-buying process doesn’t have to be complex.
  • Buying land as an investment can be a smart move if you do your homework and have expert help.
  • You don’t have to have a ton of money to buy recreational property.
  • Buying land can be a better use of money than putting cash into a leased property.
  • Understanding the quality of wildlife in a certain area is critical, because not every piece of land is a good hunting property.

The recreational property sales experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network are experienced myth-busters, helping both novice and repeat land buyers through the process. Call or email one of them to get your own piece of property this fall!

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Key Questions New Recreational Land Buyers Should Ask

New to buying recreational property? See what Rod Osterloh of by Close~Converse suggests as some key questions to get you started – click to read the full article.  Even though it’s Halloween today, the process does not have to be scary!

Rod, like other members of the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network can help you through the buying process by answering your questions, helping you find the perfect property, arranging site visits and so much more.

5 Key Questions for New Recreational Land Buyers to Ask

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Tips to keep your trail cams from being stolen or damaged

If you worry about having your trail cams stolen or damaged, you’ll be interested in the tips Alex Gyllstrom gives on the website, which can keep it from happening to you.

Some of the tips are common-sense ideas designed to make it harder for thieves to take your cameras: Lock them up with cable locks. And put them high, out of reach to those on the ground.

Other tips are tied to catching a thief. For example, use an old, non-functioning camera as a “decoy,” with a functioning camera aimed to catch anyone who takes the decoy. Also, newer cellular cameras that send images to your phone can also serve to notify you of a theft in progress.

And some of the tips are designed to help you get your camera back if it ends up in the hands of someone who would be motivated to return it if they knew it was stolen. Etching your name and phone number works in this regard, and posting about a theft on social media to folks in the area might also be helpful.

As hunting seasons get going all around the country, it’s a good time to think about buying a recreational tract to call your own – a home base for your hunting expeditions. Call one of the land sales experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network to start your search.

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A State-by-State Look at Deer Hunting Prospects this Fall

What’s the outlook for deer hunting in your state this fall? The Outdoor Life website has a good state-by-state overview of how things are looking in each deer hunting state, and overall, the outlook is good.

Here’s a look at what the experts are saying about the states where PotlatchDeltic sells hunting property, along with some notes about PotlatchDeltic’s hunting properties for sale in those states:

  • Minnesota:
    Prospects look good, as most deer population trajectories are stable or improving. Deer densities in northern Minnesota can vary, so it’s important to know about the area where you’re looking to buy property. (That’s why it’s important for buyers to work with local experts who specialize in recreational land sales, like those in PotlatchDeltic’s Preferred Broker group.)
  • Mississippi:
    About 75 percent of the state’s deer harvest consists of bucks 3.5 years or older, with the Delta region producing many of the state’s largest deer. (Hunting property buyers should note that PotlatchDeltic has added more properties for sale in Mississippi this year with good access to hunting.)
  • Arkansas:
    Deer population trends are stable or improving slightly, reversing some trends of recent years. (PotlatchDeltic also has new properties for sale in Arkansas, many of which have features that promote quality wildlife, like water features and plenty of vegetation.)
  • Idaho:
    The best opportunities for whitetails are in the northern Panhandle and Clearwater regions, though hunters will be able to find older-age-class bucks throughout the state. (PotlatchDeltic has created some great small acreage properties located in prime hunting areas with access to vast public hunting land. These properties offer a great base camp location for a private hunting lodge or cabin or could even be used for a permanent home site.)
  • Alabama:
    Prospects look good for the coming season, and experts recommend that hunters spend time getting to know the state’s Wildlife Management Areas, such as the Barbour Wildlife Management Area and the Black Warrior Wildlife Management Area. (PotlatchDeltic has a number of new hunting properties for sale in Alabama, including listings in Montgomery and Crenshaw counties, within easy reach of the Barbour Wildlife Management Area.)

It isn’t too late in the year to buy a recreational property that you can call home base for your hunting trips this fall and winter. Contact one of our hunting land experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network to start your search today.

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Tree Stand Safety while Hunting

As deer seasons open around the country, PotlatchDeltic urges hunters to take the time to make sure they are following best practices, whether it’s by following gun safety rules or ensuring that tree stands are secure. Click on the article from our Resource Library to learn more and if you’re interested in other outdoor & hunting lifestyle information, be sure to visit the full Resource Library and find the topic you’re interested in!

We’re proud to sell quality hunting land around the nation, knowing that getting outdoors can create memories that last a lifetime. If you’re interested in starting your land search, please contact a member of our Preferred Broker Network today and let the hunt begin!

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