Helpful Tips for First-Time Recreational Land Buyers

If you’re buying recreational land for the first time, you’ve quickly realized that this is much different than buying a home. In fact, the prospect of checking out different properties and making a good buying decision may seem a bit overwhelming.

It doesn’t have to be, though. First, connect with an experienced real estate expert who specializes in rural and recreational property, like the pros in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network. They will walk you through the process and will help you learn what you should look for as you figure out which property is right for you.


Our friends at United Country Real Estate wrote an excellent blog post a few years ago with seven tips for first-time buyers, and they still ring true today. Here’s a summary:

First, a property needs to be in a location that will be convenient for you, particularly if you plan on going there for weekend excursions. Then, as you narrow down potential tracts, you’ll want to look at the layout of each one, thinking about everything from wildlife patterns to potential spots for a campground or cabin.

For many recreational buyers, the quality of wildlife on the property will be important, so it’s critical that there be good sources of food and water. Everything from low-hanging bushes to fruit from trees and bushes can provide nourishment for whitetails. And while having water sources onsite is a bonus, availability nearby for wildlife can work, too.

Wildlife also need cover to hang out in during the day, which could be tall grasses, trees with low-lying branches or heavy brush. If you are a deer hunter, it’s also important to check carefully for signs that deer visit the property regularly.

Finally, assessing the quality of neighboring properties, and learning how they are used, is important. Do the neighbors practice Quality Deer Management? Is there public land nearby, and is that land open to hunting and other uses?

Again, figuring all this out on your own would be tough. But with a recreational land broker who knows all the ins and outs of checking out properties, it is doable.

Whether you want a hunting property, or a place for the family to hike and camp, or a place to simply get away from it all, PotlatchDeltic’s Preferred Broker Network is a great place to start. Contact one of our brokers today!

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Spring Turkey Hunting Season is Here!

Turkey hunting season dates and regulations vary widely from state to state, which can get a bit confusing if you are planning your spring trips.

Thankfully, the National Wild Turkey Federation has a terrific state-by-state roundup of regulations and season dates, along with a few tips from famed turkey hunter Jeff Budz. He has completed more than 100 “Grand Slam” hunting events and the 49-state “Super Slam,” harvesting a gobbler in every state in the country except Alaska, which doesn’t have a wild turkey season.

NWTF, Spring 2021

Like anything else related to hunting, it’s important to plan ahead, and if you’re new to the sport, to find people to get tips and information from. Online tips like those found on such sites as and are very helpful, but there’s no substitute for local knowledge gained from spending years hunting in a particular area.

Among the states listed in the NWTF’s roundup are Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Idaho, all states where PotlatchDeltic sells recreational properties. Call one of the experts in our Preferred Broker Network to talk about getting your own hunting home base in 2021.

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Buying Recreational Property Near Public Lands

If you’re looking to buy recreational land, the advantages of being near public lands are pretty clear. Just last month, 38.1% of LANDTHINK’s audience chimed-in on our sponsored Pulse question and indicated that buying rural land located near public land is SOMEWHAT IMPORTANT. There is an incredible amount of federal and state-owned land around the country, and there are many opportunities for buyers to own property that’s adjacent or in close proximity to these public spaces.

In addition to publicly owned lands, many timber companies, including PotlatchDeltic, allow hunting and recreational access to their lands through inexpensive permits or even multi-year agreements with state wildlife agencies.

With such a large amount of publicly accessible land, you may only need to own a small parcel of land for a base camp, be it an RV site, cabin or primary or secondary home, and have tens of thousands of acres nearby that are open for hunting, four-wheeling, hiking, camping or other outdoor activities.

That said, these tracts near public lands can be difficult to acquire. They don’t change ownership often, and there is an extremely limited supply. With that in mind, it’s important to work with a real estate expert who knows the area and understands recreational property sales, so you can find opportunities and be ready to buy when a prime spot becomes available.

Indeed, there are a number of factors to consider if you’re thinking about focusing your land search on tracts near public lands. Before you start your search, read this article written by Bill DeReu, Vice President of Real Estate, PotlatchDeltic so that you’ll be well prepared  to find a great property. Click (here, or on the image) to read the full article as published on

Members of the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network can help you as you seek out recreationally distanced land buying options, from site visit through closing. Contact the broker nearest where you’re interested in taking the next step toward buying.

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What are the top deer hunting states? Consult the Almanac.

There are many different ways to rate states for their deer hunting opportunities, but one way is look at the number of deer that hunters are taking home.

We were wondering what these deer harvest statistics might look like, and we found a ranking of states based on deer harvests that’s included in the 2021 Deer Hunters Almanac. And we were pleased to see that three states where PotlatchDeltic sells recreational property – Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas – were in the top 10.

Certainly, the list doesn’t speak to a hunter’s chances of getting a trophy buck, but looking at the overall deer harvest in a certain area can help you determine how fruitful your hunts in that area might be.

PotlatchDeltic specializes in selling recreational land, with plenty of options for deer hunters who want a home base for their trips. Contact one of the experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network today to get started, so you’ll have your property in time for the 2021 deer seasons.

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Want to find a great tract for sale? Don’t let winter weather stop you!

In areas of the country where snow and low temperatures are a fact of life in the winter, some recreational land buyers might think they need to wait until spring to start the process.

That doesn’t have to be the case, though, said Tom Moore of Northwest Land & Lifestyle Properties, located just outside Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Curlew Boat Ramp – Anderson Ranch Reservoir. Photo credit: Melanie Schell

“This is actually a great time to look at recreational properties,” said Moore, a member of the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network. “And if you pick out a property now and get the purchase done, you’ll be ready to enjoy your getaway as spring begins.”

That said, there are some things you should consider when shopping for property in the North during the winter. In particular, it’s important to work with a recreational land broker who understands the area and topography. This expert’s local knowledge about properties and access to them during the winter can save buyers from making costly mistakes, or from potentially putting themselves in danger.

Also, being prepared for the weather conditions when looking at property in the cold weather is very important. When buyers are out shopping for property in the winter, they should always wear warm clothes and footwear suitable for cold and snow. Cell phone service can be limited in many areas, so buyers should let someone know where they are going prior to heading out to look at property.

With the right preparation and guidance, there are actually several advantages to scouting properties in the winter. With snow on the ground, you’ll easily see tracks that tell you about wildlife habitat and patterns. And because many trees don’t have leaves right now, you can get a better look at the property from different vantage points.

Recreational land is extremely popular in Idaho and other states where PotlatchDeltic sells properties, so starting the process now make sense, said Ben Ballard, a real estate manager for PotlatchDeltic who’s based in Moscow, Idaho.

“To get the property that’s perfect for you, you’ll want to start the process a few months before you want to use a property,” he said. “That way, you won’t feel rushed and can make the best, most informed decision.”

With this in mind, he suggests calling one of the experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network now if you’re looking for a recreational property in Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana or Mississippi. Spring will be here before you know it!

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Exclusive Campsite Leases in Idaho – Bidding now open!


PotlatchDeltic offers exclusive campsite leases in selected areas of North Idaho. These areas include Gold Center, The Dredges, Mica Creek, Beaver Creek, and Scofield/Washington Creeks.

Why lease?? 

  • You can guarantee your campsite NOW. No need to make plans only to find out your campsite site is already taken when you get there!
  • Each campsite is exclusively leased to the leaseholder, so there will be no need to secure the site as soon as access allows each spring.
  • Want to enjoy your campsite throughout the season and lock up your camping equipment on site?  No problem!

Bidding for Campsite Leases opened March 1, 2021, so visit with us online and see what’s available and submit your bid today!




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Buyers Value Proximity to Public Lands


We were happy to sponsor the January 2021 LandThink Pulse question, “When buying rural land, how important is it that your property be located near public land?”. It was the general consensus of the LANDTHINK audience that owning land adjoining a national forest, park or wildlife refuge is highly desirable.

Click on the article to find out more about public land and the advantages and disadvantages to owning property near it. The recreational land experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network can help when you’re ready to explore your land buying options.  Start your search at our website,, and then contact a member of our team so you can start enjoying your own recreational land!

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Land Sales Staying Strong during Pandemic, RLI Members say

The Realtors Land Institute, the top association in the U.S. for land brokers, holds occasional member roundtables to hear how things are going. In a recent roundtable, participants were bullish about how land sales are going despite the pandemic.

A Colorado broker talked about heavy interest from California land buyers for properties in Idaho, and in turn, Colorado. And a Texas broker noted that recreational tracts under $1 million are his hottest item, with buyers looking for uses from deer and duck hunting to timber investment.


This matches what we’re hearing from the experts in PotlatchDeltic’s Preferred Broker Network, with continued interest from buyers of our properties in Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, and Mississippi. It’s all part of a trend that we call “recreational distancing.”

As Russell Riggs of the Realtors Land Institute noted in a blog post:

“If real estate is still viable, land real estate may be in an even better position to take advantage of changing social trends and shifting demographics,” he wrote. “Increased time inside close quarters during the coronavirus pandemic is causing some urbanites to consider moving toward the suburbs and even further, a recent survey shows. …

“Anecdotal evidence from agents in Seattle and along the West Coast indicates that smaller cities in the region like Boise, Idaho, are becoming increasingly attractive.”

Clearly, buying recreational land is being seen by many as a viable option for investment. Looking for your own spot to enjoy and to build a legacy of your own? Contact one of our Preferred Broker Network experts today.

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New to Hunting and the Outdoors? Tips to help you get started!

For those of you who are new to hunting, it can seem a bit overwhelming, whether it’s knowing what gear to buy, where to take your first hunting trip, or how to get advice.

Tom Claycomb, an outdoors writer for the Idaho State Journal and a number of other media outlets, recently offered some thoughts that can be of help in sorting everything out.

For first-time hunters, he emphasizes that there’s nothing more important than gun safety. Take the time to learn how to handle a firearm correctly and establish a rule with your companions that anyone is encouraged to speak up if spotting an unsafe practice.

As for getting assistance with learning how to hunt and what equipment to get, having knowledgeable friends to tag along with is a huge help. In addition to that, there are tons of online videos available for everything from how to evaluate a property for hunting potential to tips for what to wear in different kinds of weather.

Also, once the pandemic is over, consider going to a hunting show in your area, which will probably include educational seminars about all things related to hunting. And while many of these shows are currently being held virtually, the information passed along can still be quite helpful.

And finally, think about logistics. If having a property near the best hunting areas in your state means less travel time, you may want to think about buying recreational land that you could use for a home base, whether you are camping on the property or building a cabin there. Then, you’re able to take advantage of all that’s close to your property, which in some cases may be public lands that offer quality hunting opportunities.

PotlatchDeltic has numerous recreational properties for sale in Alabama, Idaho, Arkansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, and Mississippi. The experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network can help you find a property and think of resources for revving up your outdoor life and hunting activities. Contact one of our experts today, so you can use your property this spring and summer.

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Hunting on a smaller tract? Here’s 5 helpful tips.

When it comes to owning a quality hunting property, bigger isn’t automatically better. Indeed, even if your recreational land tract is relatively small, there are ways to maximize your hunting experience.

Here are five tips that can be helpful for hunters who own smaller properties, with the help of writer Huston Martin on the Grand View Outdoors website. Martin owns 60 acres in an extremely popular hunting area, but has found ways to still take quality deer on his property.

  1. Where allowed, having quality food plots will help keep quality wildlife on your property, instead of just watching deer leave for your neighbor’s tract. This strategy, which is popular in Southern states, requires planning and care, but the payoff can be significant.
  2. Create a buffer between your food plot and your neighbor’s property. If you are planning a food plot, don’t plant it near the property line, and use trees and thick cover as part of your own private hunting sanctuary.
  3. Box blinds can help you watch deer without being detected, even on a smaller property. They are also a good way to keep dry and warm in inclement weather.
  4. Be careful to make sure there aren’t too many people hunting on your property at once.
  5. Think about what’s near the property you are thinking of buying, remembering that you are buying a home base for your hunting activities and that not all your excursions need to be on your own property if nearby properties are accessible to you.

PotlatchDeltic sells recreational properties of all shapes and sizes, and the experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network can help you find a tract that will fit your hunting needs. Contact one of our brokers to get the process started.

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