Water Skiers & Wakeboarders – Learn the Hand Signals

If you water ski or wakeboard, you know by now that once you’re underway, it’s very hard to communicate with the boat driver verbally over the noise of the motor.

What you may not know is there’s an entire set of common hand signals that experienced water skiers and wakeboarders use to communicate with the boat driver. These signals can make the experience more pleasant, and in some cases, may prevent a potentially risky situation.

As several examples of how the signals work, when you’re in the water, patting your head with your right hand means you want to go back to the dock, and holding your hands together over your head tells the boat driver that you’re okay.

In addition to learning the signals, it’s also important to remember several key safety tips. Make sure the tow rope is clear of the propeller or any other hazards before taking off. Check that the propeller is off before you get back into the boat. And head back to the dock for the day before daylight starts to fade.

PotlatchDeltic recreational properties are often within easy reach of great spots for boating. Contact one of the real estate experts in the PotlatchDeltic broker network to learn how you can buy a home base for your activities in the woods and on the water!

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LandFlip: Buying Property from a Timber Company

Looking for a property to call your own, you may want to consider buying land from a timber company with experience in managing rural timberland. Check out this great read submitted by one of our Minnesota Preferred Brokers, Natalie Cowart of United County – Banning Junction Real Estate.   AND – WHILE YOU’RE CHECKING OUT THIS ARTICLE, BE SURE TO ANSWER THE MONTHLY PULSE QUESTION.  Sponsored this month by PotlatchDeltic! 

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We know a great timber company that sells well-managed, all-season properties.  Visit with us online to learn more!


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Happy Independence Day!

All of us at PotlatchDeltic wish you and yours a Happy 4th of July!

Our offices will be closed Thursday and Friday while we celebrate the holiday with family and friends.
Please visit with us online or try us again on Monday, July 8th.   Thank you!
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Changes to Idaho Recreation Permits

SPOKANE, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PotlatchDeltic (NASDAQ: PCH) today announced changes to requirements for recreational permits in Idaho.

PotlatchDeltic recently leased day use recreational access on over 567,000 acres of Idaho timberland to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. The agreement secures and preserves access to the public for recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, trapping, wildlife viewing, hiking and recreational travel.Image result for Idaho FIsh & Game

Through the agreement, the public is free to recreate on PotlatchDeltic Idaho lands, except for some parcels associated with log yards, mill sites and certain acres listed for sale. Recreational travel is limited to motor vehicle travel on roads open to full sized vehicles. As a result, passenger vehicle permits are no longer required and those who have purchased a passenger vehicle permit from PotlatchDeltic for 2019 will receive an automatic refund. Permits and fees are still required for ATV use, camping and firewood cutting. PotlatchDeltic will also continue its exclusive campsite leases in select areas of North Idaho. PotlatchDeltic general recreation policies and regulations will remain in effect. Additional information can be found at https://idahoaccess.potlatchdeltic.com.


About PotlatchDeltic
PotlatchDeltic (NASDAQ:PCH) is a leading Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that owns nearly 1.9 million acres of timberlands in Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota and Mississippi. Through its taxable REIT subsidiary, the company also operates six sawmills, an industrial-grade plywood mill, a residential and commercial real estate development business and a rural timberland sales program. PotlatchDeltic, a leader in sustainable forest practices, is dedicated to long-term stewardship and sustainable management of its timber resources. More information can be found at www.potlatchdeltic.com.

Press Release 5/20/19.  For more news from PotlatchDeltic, please visit https://investors.potlatchdeltic.com/news-and-events/default.aspx

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Practice Common Sense on the Water this Summer

As you go boating this summer, it’s important to remember some safety basics, which aren’t a hassle and won’t get in the way of your fun.

Here are four tips to remember, courtesy of the National Safety Council:

  1. If you’re wondering whether wearing a life jacket is really necessary, know that 84% of U.S. boating deaths in 2017 involved boaters who weren’t wearing a life jacket. Bring a properly-fitted life jacket for everyone in the boat – big or small – and make wearing one a requirement for coming along.
  2. Know the “rules of the road” for boating, meaning how to follow markers and how to interact with other boats when they’re nearby. And know the laws in the state where you’re boating.
  3. Take the time to do a safety check of the boat before you head out, and be sure you bring a tool kit and a first aid kit.
  4. Just like when you’re driving a car, drinking alcohol and driving a boat is a really bad idea. If needed, have a designated driver, just as you would if you’re out on the town with friends.

PotlatchDeltic is committed to promoting safety in the outdoors as we sell quality recreational properties in Minnesota, Idaho, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama. Contact one of the real estate experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker network to find out more about our land for sale.

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With Father’s Day right around the corner, what better time to get outdoors with your kids or grandkids!
Do something you both love – fish!!  Here’s some tips to help you help them learn how to fish.  Click the link below for a great article from All Pro Dad.

6 Steps to Fishing Success With Your Kids

Happy Father’s Day!!

PotlatchDeltic remains Top Timberland Owner

Remaining in the top 5 for another year, PotlatchDeltic was ranked #5 in the 2019 ranking of top timberland owners in North America.

A small percentage of our overall ownership is available for sale in Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Minnesota and Mississippi.  We are proud to be able to share our heritage of conservation and our commitment to renewable resources.  Looking to become a private timberland owner yourself? Contact us today and let us help you get started!


Who are the Top Timberland Owners and Managers in the U.S. and Canada?

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Memorial Day 2019

We honor the memory of service members and their families
who have sacrificed to protect the freedom we enjoy.
Thank you for your service.

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Spring Scouting…Invaluable Info for the next Hunting Season

Taking the time this spring to scout areas you’ll be hunting this fall and winter is invaluable. But what do you look for as you discover the spots where deer bed down and travel?

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Zach Ferenbaugh of The Hunting Public offers some excellent advice for your scouting trips on the WhitetailDNA website. Among his tips:

  • As you learn more about your favorite spots, take the time to also get the lay of the land for some new spots. You always want choices on where to hunt. 
  • Spring scouting is important, but it doesn’t replace the need to check out properties year-round.
  • When you find buck bedding, look for signs that will tell you what time of year the bedding spot is used, since that will vary.
  • Understanding the food sources for deer on a property is critical, especially in areas where options for food are scarce.
  • If you checked out a spot in the spring several years ago, that spot might not be the same now, so do your scouting every year. Such factors as hunting pressure and how trees are dropping acorns can change patterns of behavior dramatically.
  • Take your spring information and combine it with information gained in other seasons to decide where your favorite spots will be this fall and winter.

Many of PotlatchDeltic’s recreational properties for sale are in quality hunting areas and/or near public lands. As you do your spring scouting, talk to one of the experts in our Preferred Broker Network about how you could buy your own property to have for a home base this fall.


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