How the COVID19 Pandemic is Impacting Recreational Land Sales

Even during the pandemic, we’ve seen interest from potential buyers remain steady, though sales could slow if the impacts of the pandemic persist for a long period. At the same time, we currently expect the potential for sales to rebound in the summer and fall, depending of course on when the nation’s economy is able to open back up.

Learn more about the impact and what we’re seeing by reading the full article by Bill DeReu, Vice President of Real Estate for PotlatchDeltic at LandThink or click below.


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Buying a Recreational Getaway with COVID Safety in mind

If you’re looking to buy a recreational property, you might be wondering if you can safely go through the process as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Fortunately, the answer is yes! Buying a recreational property is not a “high touch” process, because unlike touring a home, you can tour a rural tract without getting near another person.

With this in mind, here are five things to consider if you’re thinking of buying a recreational property now:

  1. Use technology to learn about a property before you set foot on it.  We can show a property with property photos, drone videos, and mapping, so you can narrow your choices without stepping foot on any of the properties you’re initially considering.

    Listing example with video, photos & more available online from PotlatchDeltic Real Estate. 

  2. Meet your sales agent outdoors or via video conference. Many real estate sales offices may have limited hours, have restricted visitors or may have closed for now, so make an appointment outdoors or through a videoconferencing tool like Zoom or Facetime.
  3. When it’s time for an in-person tour, you can make arrangements to do it by yourself.  In areas with cell phone reception, walk the property while talking to your agent, by video-chat if possible. If that isn’t feasible, do a walking tour, take notes and talk to the agent afterwards.
  4. Don’t be concerned about whether a sale will close, because closings continue to occur. Title companies are increasingly using electronic signatures, and even if trading paperwork is a necessity, it can be done in a way that’s safe for all involved.
  5. Remember that rural property has tended to be less volatile than the stock market over time. We’re seeing more interest from buyers looking for a different option for investments. Rural land values have tended to stay steady even when the stock market has gone through gyrations.

Soon, summer will be turning into fall, a great time to be outdoors. So if you want a getaway for all of your own for outdoor activities, it’s good to start your property search now. Contact one of the experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network today!

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Campsites in selected areas of North Idaho now available!

Our auction of campsite leases last month was a huge success, and we still have 25+ great campsites available in Latah, Clearwater and Shoshone Counties in North Idaho.

Why lease?? 

  • You can guarantee your campsite NOW. No need to make plans only to find out your campsite site is already taken when you get there!
  • Been thinking about buying your own property, but you’re either not ready or don’t know where you want to buy? No problem!  Lease a campsite to enjoy for the summer and fall, get to know the area and view properties we have for sale in the area. Go to to see our current Idaho listings.   
  • Each campsite is exclusively leased to the leaseholder for the entire season, starting now through December 10, 2020. 
  • Want to enjoy your campsite throughout the season and lock up your camping equipment on site?  No problem!

Check out one of the available campsites!



Visit our website and lease your 2020 campsite for the posted “buy it now” price today!

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Six Hunting Blogs with Great Information

A key to success for any deer hunter is information. And even though the fall is months away, serious hunters are getting ready now, checking their gear, planning trips, and in the case of hunters we work with, looking for a recreational property to buy as their home base.

There are so many questions to consider in planning your hunting activities. For example: Where are the best hunting spots in my state? What gear should I buy now to be ready for my fall hunting trips? And how can I put the off-season to the best use?

With this in mind, we offer a list of six excellent hunting blogs compiled by the folks at, which can help you start setting some website bookmarks:

  1. For those new to deer hunting, the Deer Hunting Guide on the website is a good place to get grounded on the basics.
  2. The blogs on the site are wide-ranging, with tips on everything from cooking tips, to a gear guide, to a look at when the rut will peak in different parts of the country.
  3. The website has a rich selection of blog posts, videos and podcasts, giving you the option to get information a number of ways.
  4. The Nine Finger Chronicles podcast on the website combines tips with compelling stories told by hunters.
  5. Jeff’s Deer Blog on the website has plenty of hunting tips, but it also has excellent information for landowners looking to improve the quality of hunting on their properties.
  6. The Urban Deer Complex 2.0 blog post is aimed to meet the needs of hunters who live closer to suburban and urban areas.

Also, for information on hunting, outdoor recreation, and buying recreational land, our PotlatchDeltic blog is a good spot to visit regularly. We enjoy passing along helpful tips, with the goal of helping outdoors enthusiasts buy a place for their hunting excursions.

The spring is a great time to start the process of finding the right recreational property for your needs, so you’ll be all set for the fall hunting season. Contact one of the recreational property sales experts in our PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network if you’d like to learn more

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At PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, we’re open for business while taking steps to keep everyone safe

At PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, protecting against COVID-19 (the coronavirus) is our top priority. What matters most right now is the safety of our team members and those who do business with us.

With this in mind, our land managers and PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker partners are focusing on minimizing person-to-person interaction as we continue to work with recreational land buyers. With the means and systems in place that allow our team to work remotely, we expect to continue to provide the same high level of service you’ve come to know. Fortunately, much can be accomplished while following the CDC’s safety guidelines.

Our Preferred Broker partners are making the cleanliness of their offices a priority, as we are in our corporate offices. And as we work with buyers, our goal is to help the process along while keeping everyone safe.

It helps that so much information about properties can be made available online. For example, a broker can send video and photos of a property of interest to a buyer for a virtual tour, then have the buyer check the land out in person, without broker and buyer ever seeing each other during the site visit.

If you are interested in looking at properties in the states where we do land sales – Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota or Mississippi – please contact us.  We’re here to work with you to help while making your comfort and safety a priority while keeping COVID-19 concerns top of mind.

We encourage everyone to take precautions in this challenging time, and urge anyone who has questions or concerns about doing business with PotlatchDeltic to call or email us.

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The Nation’s Best Areas for Turkey Hunting

If you’re a turkey hunter, it’s time to think about where you’re going to go on your spring excursions.

And as Jeff Budz and Tom “Doc” Weddle, two of the nation’s top turkey hunters, see it, you’d be smart to think about public lands. As Brian Lovett writes in a Field & Stream blog post, Budz and Weddle love wide-open spaces, offering opportunities to find spots that aren’t overcrowded with hunters.

According to these turkey experts, finding prize turkeys can sometimes be tough, especially with shrinking populations and more and more hunters.

So how do you succeed? Plan ahead, they say. Figure out the best spots to go ahead of time, and be sure you know the regulations of the area where you’re hunting.

The Field & Stream blog post names a number of states as the best in the country for turkey hunting. Included are Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Idaho, four states where PotlatchDeltic sells recreational properties through its Preferred Broker Network.

So if you want to find a spot within reach of quality public hunting land in one of these four states, contact one of our Preferred Brokers today so you can have a home base for your turkey hunting and all the other activities you enjoy outdoors.

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Hope to see you at Duluth Deer Classic this weekend!

COME VISIT US. Look forward to seeing you there!
Find us at Booth #855 in the Lake Superior Ballroom.

Find out more about featured and available PotlatchDeltic Premier Properties in Minnesota?  Click HERE.

 Find out more about the show?  Click HERE.

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Winter is a great (and fun!) time for a Site Visit!

Seeing a property in the winter can be great fun and you can learn a lot about it. ❄️❄️❄️  Read more about Winter Site Visits in this great article from one of our Preferred Brokers, Charlie Chernak with Bear Island Land Co., Inc.. – click to read the full article.

Charlie, like other members of the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network can help you through the site visit and buying process by answering your questions, helping you find the perfect property and so much more.

Looking at Property in the Winter Can Be Very Productive, but Plan Ahead

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Now’s the Time to Scout for Next Deer Season

A deer hunter’s work is never over, because for success, you need to know where the whitetails are hanging out in your neck of the woods.

The winter months are a great time to get out and scout your favorite hunting areas, knowing that deer’s migration patterns can change, as can the spots where they eat, drink and bed down.

With this in mind, a helpful Realtree blog post offers seven scouting tips for hunters getting ready to find a trophy buck next season. In short, the tips focus on finding those important food, water and bedding areas, while also spotting rubs and scrapes that offer clues to a buck’s travel routes.

Josh Honeycutt (Realtree blog author) with the buck he harvested during the 2017 season after spending much of the off-season preparing. (PHOTO CREDIT: Marty Honeycutt)

Shed hunting is also an extremely helpful activity. It’s important to start your search as soon as you know deer in your area are shedding, because coyotes, squirrels and other animals value the antlers for vitamins and minerals.

It also helps to have trail cameras out at food and water spots, which will help you inventory the deer in the area while learning their patterns.

Of course, if you own a hunting tract, it’s easier to take the steps that will lead to better hunting, whether it’s putting up trail cameras or planting food plots.

And if you’ve decided it’s time to buy your own recreational land, a good place to start is one of the experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker network. Contact one of our broker members today to find a property that will provide excellent hunting options in a few months.

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REITs – why does that matter to a recreational land buyer?

In learning about PotlatchDeltic, you might have seen that the company is a real estate investment trust, or REIT. So, what is a REIT, and why does that matter to you as a recreational land buyer?

A REIT is a company that owns, operates or finances income-producing real estate. PotlatchDeltic is a timber REIT, owning nearly 2 million acres of timberlands in Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota and Mississippi, and a small percentage of select acreage is available for sale. In a 2019 ranking of the top timberland owners in North America, PotlatchDeltic was ranked No. 5.

As a story on the SeekingAlpha website describes, “timber REITs are among the leaders in sustainable foresting, with all four timberland REITs having 100% of their land third-party certified as sustainable either by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) or the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).”

In fact, timber REITs generally plant significantly more trees in a given year than they harvest, the story says.

This commitment to sustainable practices, tied to having a wide range of properties for sale, is a good equation for recreational land buyers looking for a property that’s been well taken care of by a company like PotlatchDeltic with deep forestry and real estate experience.

If you’d like to start your recreational land search, start with PotlatchDeltic.  Contact us today!

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