Get Hunting Seasons on Your Calendar

As autumn draws near, it’s time to start making plans for your hunting trips. So you might be looking around online to figure out when hunting seasons start in your area.

The best website we’ve seen for finding all this information in one place is the website, which easily gets you hunting season timeframes in each state.

You’ll find this link in our Resource Library, along with links to the state hunting regulatory agencies for Arkansas, Alabama, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota and Mississippi.  You’ll also find more articles there about hunting and things you can do to plan for the upcoming season.

At PotlatchDeltic, we specialize in preparing and selling recreational property that hunters will love. Call one of the experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network to start the process, so you can have a hunting home base to call your own this fall.

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Not Too Early to Get Ready for Fall Hunting

It may be the dead of summer, but for Shawn Sunnarborg and other avid deer hunters, it isn’t too soon to start getting ready for the fall hunting season.

Shawn, Lake States Real Estate Manager for PotlatchDeltic, has had a hunting camp with his brothers and some friends for years near his home in the northern Minnesota town of Cloquet. And when deer season hits in November, he’ll be prepared.

The main thing he’s doing now to get ready is shooting in a trap league every week, keeping his skills sharp. “The more you shoot, the more comfortable you become with it,” he says. “If you don’t pick up a gun until September, you might lose a step.”

When fall approaches, he recommends hunters also think about doing these four activities:

  1. Sight your rifles as the hunting season draws closer. And go ahead and set up targets at your hunting camp so you can get plenty of practice in.
  2. If you need to buy new hunting clothes, focus on getting quality items, even if they cost more. That way, you won’t have to buy new clothes every couple of years.
  3. Check the deer stands in your hunting areas, from the ladders to the stands themselves. Conditions can change from season to season, so make sure your stand is safe.
  4. Take the time to explore new hunting areas, knowing that it’s important to be able to find spots where other hunters aren’t trampling the woods around you.

Shawn’s hunting camp is 40 acres, but is surrounded by thousands of acres of public lands in St. Louis County, so he can roam far beyond his property’s boundaries in search of bucks. It’s a formula that works for many PotlatchDeltic recreational land buyers, who understand that hunting doesn’t have to be confined to their acreage alone.

And while he and his family and friends love to hunt – his brothers also like to hunt partridge, and some of his friends enjoy turkey hunting – the camaraderie is his favorite part.

“There’s nothing like being in a hunting camp on a beautiful night with your friends, playing cards and having a cold beer,” he says.

Ready to have your own home base for hunting season? Call one of the experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network, each an expert that can help you buy a property that will put you in the middle of the action this fall.

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Late Summer – Time to Plant your Food Plot

Many recreational land owners think about planting their food plots in the spring, but there are advantages for those who decide to do late-summer planting, says Jeff Sturgis in a blog post for Whitetail Habitat Solutions.plant a food plot

This is an especially good idea if you want to set your property apart from other nearby properties where owners have planted their plots earlier in the year. Also, later plantings will help your food sources be more plentiful later in the fall, solving a challenge for owners who find sources getting depleted as the fall moves along.

Two other advantages of this planting strategy: Creating deer populations that peak in the late fall can help you target a higher percentage of bucks in the area. Also, annuals planted during cooler weather, such as rye and oats, create an excellent nurse crop for establishing clover and chicory.

Of course, to grow a food plot – and to see how it helps nurture quality wildlife – you need to have your own property. The experts in the PotlatchDeltic Preferred Broker Network are the perfect partner to find the best hunting property for you. Call or email one in  your neck of the woods today.

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We hope you’ve spent the last few months recharging, spending time with family, preparing for fall hunting and cooler weather.  Even though you have fall colors on the brain, it’s still Summer and more than the weather is hot…so are our listings!

We’ve been keeping cool by adding 100+ new properties to our website.  Have a look.  It’s not too late to buy now and be on your own land this Fall!  So, whether you’re looking for information about the recreational and hunting lifestyle or want to see what properties we currently have listed, have a look and see what’s hot in our neck of the woods!

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Happy hunting!

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Hiking Safely in the Heat

As you go for long hikes in the summer weather, you probably will think about the obvious safety rules. Consider hiking earlier or later in the day when it isn’t as hot. Make sure you bring water. Protect your skin from sunburn. And wear the right clothes.  a hiker taking refuge in the shade on hot hiking day

But as you make your plans, here are four things you might not know, thanks to an excellent blog post on the REI website:

  1. All clothes block the sun’s effects to some extent, but more and more manufacturers are offering clothing that’s rated to protect you. Common ratings are UPF 15, UPF 30 and UPF 50+, much like the way sunscreens use SPF ratings.  But there is one major difference between the two ratings. SPF only rates effectiveness against UVB rays, which is considered to be the more damaging type of light. UPF, however, measures how a piece of clothing works in blocking both ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) light.
  2. Most people talk about the need to avoid dehydration on long hikes, but many hikers don’t realize there is also risk in overhydration. To avoid that risk, drink water every 15-20 minutes, but be careful not to drink more than you sweat. Also, work in a sports drink or other ways to add electrolytes and/or eating salty snacks to make sure your salt levels stay on track.
  3. How far you go on your first hike in the summer matters. It may take at least several weeks to acclimate to the hot weather, so be sure to take it easy on your first few summer hikes.

  4. Heat exhaustion happens, so make sure you keep an eye on your hiking partners to check for telltale signs, like nausea, rapid pulse, heavy sweating, and headaches.  If you think someone is showing those signs, have them rest in the shade, rehydrate, and if conditions persist, abandon the hike and seek medical help.

It’s important for everyone to be safe this summer in the outdoors, and PotlatchDeltic works to make its properties both appealing and safe for everyone who uses them. Happy hiking, everyone!





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Campfire Burn Ban announced on Idaho Property

PotlatchDeltic Corporation today announced effective Thursday, July 25, 2019, that no campfires or open burning will be allowed on its property in the State of Idaho due to increasing fire danger in the region. The burning ban on PotlatchDeltic’s Idaho properties will remain in effect until conditions improve. Additional information about PotlatchDeltic’s Idaho properties can be found online at PotlatchDeltic urges all visitors to Idaho’s forests to exercise extreme caution in regards to fire while recreating this summer.

No matter where you’re outdoors this summer, please be careful in this heat and these weather conditions.  Interested in some safety tips?  Check our this article about Campfire Safety or read our blog or visit our Resource Library for more helpful information.

To read the full press release or visit the PotlatchDeltic Corporation website, click here.


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How far would you travel to your rec property?

When thinking about your recreational or hunting property purchase, a lot goes into it.  According to the most recent LANDTHINK Pulse Survey, travel time takes top priority and buyers are willing to travel 100 miles to use the property.  CLICK THE ARTICLE BELOW FOR MORE DETAIL!

Want to know more about making the purchase decision?  We invite you to check out our Resource Library, our Blog or a short primer published on LandThink by Jonathan Goode of Southeastern Land Group, one of our Alabama Preferred Brokers, about the bare minimum of things you need to know that will help you get started with your land purchase.

Pulse: When Buying Recreational Land, Travel Time Takes High Priority

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Water Skiers & Wakeboarders – Learn the Hand Signals

If you water ski or wakeboard, you know by now that once you’re underway, it’s very hard to communicate with the boat driver verbally over the noise of the motor.

What you may not know is there’s an entire set of common hand signals that experienced water skiers and wakeboarders use to communicate with the boat driver. These signals can make the experience more pleasant, and in some cases, may prevent a potentially risky situation.

As several examples of how the signals work, when you’re in the water, patting your head with your right hand means you want to go back to the dock, and holding your hands together over your head tells the boat driver that you’re okay.

In addition to learning the signals, it’s also important to remember several key safety tips. Make sure the tow rope is clear of the propeller or any other hazards before taking off. Check that the propeller is off before you get back into the boat. And head back to the dock for the day before daylight starts to fade.

PotlatchDeltic recreational properties are often within easy reach of great spots for boating. Contact one of the real estate experts in the PotlatchDeltic broker network to learn how you can buy a home base for your activities in the woods and on the water!

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LandFlip: Buying Property from a Timber Company

Looking for a property to call your own, you may want to consider buying land from a timber company with experience in managing rural timberland. Check out this great read submitted by one of our Minnesota Preferred Brokers, Natalie Cowart of United County – Banning Junction Real Estate.   AND – WHILE YOU’RE CHECKING OUT THIS ARTICLE, BE SURE TO ANSWER THE MONTHLY PULSE QUESTION.  Sponsored this month by PotlatchDeltic! 

                                    Click to read full article

We know a great timber company that sells well-managed, all-season properties.  Visit with us online to learn more!


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Happy Independence Day!

All of us at PotlatchDeltic wish you and yours a Happy 4th of July!

Our offices will be closed Thursday and Friday while we celebrate the holiday with family and friends.
Please visit with us online or try us again on Monday, July 8th.   Thank you!
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